Gao Vietnamese Baguette and Dessert House



Yeah - the bahn mi uses that spam-like stuff (which might be traditional, but I doubt is to western tastes). The char-siu is better but still needs more filling. I thought the bread was ok but probably not as good as they use at Saigon Foods in Catford.


We need to link them to this thread. Any contact details .?


Agreed, and I did hunt high and low when they first started out, but couldn’t find any details. Will drop them an card in person next time I’m on Forest Hill high st


Just tried Gao and really pleased I did. Friendly staff, lovely crispy, fresh baguette and tasty Char Siu pork slices. Have it with the chilli sauce if you don’t mind a bit of spice.

Staff mentioned the menu is expanding soon.


I ate there on Saturday and really enjoyed it. I think they could do with some music to give the place a bit of ambience. Other than that, couldn’t fault it.


Yep, I also recommend this place. The baguettes are proper airy, crispy French-style ones and like the ones I had in Vietnam. Also whatever that brown sauce is… Delicious :slight_smile:


Think I need to go in at lunch time today.


Had one of these for lunch. It was excellent. Good call.

I understand that the spring rolls are the real deal too.


My husband and I really like the bahn mi and Vietnamese coffee. I think it’s a great addition to the area but I might be bias as I love Asian food :yum:


I did try to go but realised it was all meat options with no veggie ones! Looked interesting though. (So I had a very nice toastie at Aga’s instead!)


Pretty sure you can have the bun with all the salad option but not meat. Will ask today.


Was under the impression that the spring roll was veggie but happy to stand corrected.


I was kind of hoping for something like tofu with pickled veg - but I do appreciate this might not be a very popular option and they are just starting out so have to keep their range limited.


I am in there at lunch today so will ask them about veggie options.


The guys at Gao are happy to do a veggie version and also do a tofu dish and will be looking to expand the menu.


I must try again. My first visit shortly after they opened has such a limited menu with only two options.


Just been, the bun was very good. Iced coffee most icy. I think this will be a regular lunch for me.


Looks like Gao is looking for a new owner…

Another tenant off after only a short stint. Wanting a £47k premium this time!


It always looked very empty and I must confess I was never tempted to go in.
It often seemed closed.


No one will pay a 47k premium. That’s bonkers :open_mouth: