Gao Vietnamese Baguette and Dessert House



I was excited when it arrived but the bagettes were poor and it was always empty. :frowning:


I always enjoyed them. A great pity and a loss to FH.


It was always empty so hard to say it was a tangible loss - except of
course it looks good as a Store front . I’d love to see a better one there


I was just commenting to my OH the other day that I didn’t think it would last. Always empty, and didn’t look very inviting to sit in. If you are going to serve a very limited and specific menu, you might need a bigger catchment.


The floor area is tiny so the variety of food is always going to be limited. Whilst it was not like a food shop in Hanoi it was the best Vietnamese in FH. Their coffee was great and they are lovely people. They were planning to expand the range on offer if the footfall allowed.

Use it or lose it and it looks like it is lost.


Sorry had a baguette the house special and very disappointed for £5.50 it just was not worth it. Shame we could do with some variety in FH but not surprised it is going?


You can serve a wide variety of food from a tiny shop front. My point was it might have been too specialist. If I’m going to pick up lunch in FH, I would go there only if I wanted a baguette. If I wasn’t sure if I wanted a sandwich, or a salad, or maybe some pasta, I’d be heading to any one of the other places to pick up lunch, such as The Teapot.


Just out of interest, what was wrong with it?


Hardly any filling and the pork was flavourless, took 19 minutes to make and I was the only customer. Cant comment on authenticity as Vietnam has eluded me so far, but travelled to every other Asian country and always rave about the food except S Korea just not keen on Kimchi.


Pleasant people yes but not naturals at their jobs. If you are introducing sonething outside the norm you need to work harder. You can produce the best in the World at what you make but if noone knows what it is then it doesnt matter.

Better flashier signage telling us was Bahn Mi is. Free samples during the morning rush hour at the station. Lunch and weekend specials. Lunch bags to go in the morning.

I mentioned this to them once but not sure they understood.


Most likely because their english was not great. I went in there when they still had the “soon to open” sign up. It took some time but they finally understood that it was making people think that they were closed.

I think expecting authentic Vietnamese food out of a tiny site particularly when earlier comments on it (not on here) were “Nothing like the one I had in Vietnam” Well Duh!

I sometimes think we are being very picky and overly harsh on what is, after all, a local venue in a suburb of London.

This comment does not reflect on anyone here by the way.


Unfortunately I do agree with this. I kept going in to support them, and in the hope that things might improve, but nothing has changed since they opened. Have always wanted to try one of their summer rolls, but they only do them on weekends for some reason!

I definitely think that the concept could work in that location, but as others have said, the food menu was too limited and not actually that good.

Struggle to imagine anyone paying £47k for the premium to take it on, although I suppose Gao must have stumped up the £40k that was being asked before, so you never know!


and what other Vietnamese offer is there in FH?


Zip, nadda, nothing. Closest Vietnamese is now Peckham.


Baguettes were tasty but the last one I had didn’t have much lean meat in it, so a bit disappointing. The staff were friendly, but the atmosphere was a bit… peculiar?


Bite me In Brockley Cross?
Mo Pho

Not FH but within sticking distance…


You’re right. There is no reason to be overly harsh unless warranted. Internet 2.0 has made everyone food critics. But I don’t accept this statement. We already have many best in class food places in the area. Why should we accept anything less?

Barbur is among the finest Indian I’ve ever had. Hibogen has blown my mind with their pork Ramen. St. David’s is reputably one of the best coffees in London. We have All in One hosting rotating pop ups with all sorts of foodie innovation. If I want a lunch in this price category I have so much more choice at Archie Park, Tea Pot or the cheese toastie at Aga’s which is the most amaizing cheese toastie I’ve ever had cross my lips.

So no sir. I do not accept your statement. Swords at dawn.


Bite Me? I maybe in love already.


Apologies it is actually Bite Mi - still a great name though!


I shall be wearing a fetching scarlet tunic. Buns or baguetts and who will you nominate as your second?