Gao Vietnamese Baguette and Dessert House



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The Tonkatsu Ramen is to die for - not so good if you get it delivered but excellent in shop.

I wish Gao had ventured into Pho and other delights…


You should try Fun Sushi really good, but there is no excuse over size of venue, i queued for 20 minutes for a tiny dumpling shop in Osaka that only opens for 2 hours a day and has seats for 10 people. Street food in Kuala Lumpur prepared on the back of a bike or a tuk tuk in Cambodia etc etc.
By the way if you want gorgeous buns try the Golden Gate bakery in Chinatown this is the best and you can buy after you have had dim sum on the opposite corner. Nearer to home is the restaurant in Wing Yip on Purley way as you may have gathered a fan of oriental cuisine :sunglasses:


You introduced me to Hibagon. My other half who does not generally like Japanese food keeps asking if we can order. While not pretty when delivered I can assure you the Tonkatsu is outstanding. The hirata buns are heavenly and the gyoza are still warm and crisp where they should be.


Is there Hibagon sushi & sashimi any good? I’ve always been a bit wary of getting sushi & sashimi delivered.


I had a bento box and it was quite good. Not the best but good.


Such a shame! The owners were lovely and very young. I believe it was their first venture. They did tell me they can’t have a kitchen to cook hot food. I hope it wouldn’t be empty for long although I am not sure who can pay the premium in such hard economic times! Be lovely if we have something like Bao soho (Taiwanese) which is always busy or Mr Bao in Peckham.


This is sad - I think a simple Vietnamese place could have succeeded there. Does anyone know if they ever read this thread?

They did tell me they can’t have a kitchen to cook hot food.

This sounds like a pretty big obstable.


Not too long ago I picked up a very large amount of sushi from Hibagon for all the family, including North London sushi snobs.

Everybody agreed it was good sushi, not the absolute very best that you might pick up in Tokyo or paying top prices in London, but the quality was more than acceptable.


Excellent news! Thanks. I wonder if it would hold up on delivery? Might have to take a punt.


So where is that habihon place?


Hibagon. On Kirkdale near Dartmouth Rd. Can order through Just Eat.


It’s funny, I thought there were OK but not great. However, it was on the doorstep so we went.


Thank you starman, had to sit down a min when you said Sydenham :smiley:Just joking


Which is why i get delivery. Sydenham. Ewww.


Try Fun Sushi discount if you order from their site or not if Just Eat. Only tried it once but will order again. Again not as good as Tokyo but two of us stuffed for £20 :blush:


Ive been meaning to try the place on Kirkdale as Japanese food is my fave cuisine
Now I know its good I’m deffo going.
I hesitated because it seemed a very large menu which always worries me.


You guys should check out Saigon Streatfood - pop up at Arlo and Moes in Brockley and Archibalds in Catford. They are there for the next four Friday nights - check their website. Have eaten at the pop up twice - genuinely amazing Vietnamese food and the guy who runs it is a dude :slight_smile:


My main worry about moving to Norfolk was a lack of Japanese eateries. Thankfully Norwich has three and the one I went to a few weeks ago had the best ramen I have ever had and that includes the 5 years I spent in Japan. Happy Bunny now