Gao Vietnamese Baguette and Dessert House



Yes and the Singaporean popup at 2 Spoons is fab also. Loved it so much we are going again.

It is a shame if the Vietnamese is closing (I like the pork shui baguettes) but do we know this? Businesses sometimes put out feelers like this, with big premiums, to test the market.


Also the rolls were just baguettes. If they were proper bahn mi they’d be made with rice flour. It’s really delicious. If you’re going to charge 5.5£ you’d better make it worth it !


I wonder, if there’s no kitchen space/facility, what on earth could work here. It seems like a tiny floor space.

Ice cream? That’s literally the only thing I can think of operating in such restricted conditions. And you couldn’t manage a £47k premium on a gelateria.


Oh really? I always thought Bahn Mi is made with normal wheat flour, as per the French influence.


Hmm the internet can’t seem to agree with itself about rice flour and bahn


The majority of flours used in Asia tend to be rice based although my understanding is Bahn mi are made with a mix of rice and wheat flour?


Lots of activity at Gao - looks like they are doing the place up



Just thought I’d drop a little note to recommend Gao. We had a delicious chicken pho yesterday and staff were lovely. They’re still working out some service issues but we’re really happy that they’re serving a broader menu. Thoroughly recommend.


Ah that is good news - a decent pho in FH is something to be welcomed…


Wanted to give it another go but still very disappointing. My husband had a decent pho but it turned up 15 minutes after my duck banh mi (which was more of a game of ‘find the duck meat’) so we both ate alone – with a long gap in between. There were four members of staff and only ten customers so I’m not sure what the problem was. Despite me politely complaining the manager (?) didn’t knock the drinks off or anything like that. £17 for a very sparse sandwich, quite a nice soup a couple of cokes and for us to both eat awkwardly alone seemed like a total rip off to me – we’d have done better to go to the signal and got the whole chicken for that. That said, I’m pretty sure the rolls are now made with rice flour. If you do go, order the same thing as the person you’re with.


I had a chicken pho yesterday as did OH and I enjoyed it very much. The stock was as it should be - clear and not greasy and it was fresh and tasty/ Such a simple dish in many ways but difficult to get right - I think they did a very good job. For £8 i though it as a bargain and just what I wanted on an autumnal afternoon…