Garden Waste Collection during Covid-19 Lockdown

I can’t find anything on Lewisham’s web site about this except
“Subscription and renewal for garden waste has been postponed.
If you are already subscribed your bins will continue to be collected as normal.”

But it hasn’t been collected as normal today. I managed to get through to the Town Hall switchboard who told me that the service is still being provided as far as they know. I’m not complaining - just trying to find out what’s happening. I know garden waste collection has been suspended in many parts of the country.

Our bin was emptied today :blush:

Ours too.

Mine wasn’t last week but was this week.

The street had a collection today (Friday) instead, one day late. I don’t know the reason. Wednesday is our normal day, Thursdays after a Bank Holiday.

It’s rare to have a seamless functional transaction with the Council, and this wasn’t an exception to the rule. I reported the missing collection on the website - filled an online form and submitted it. A message popped up telling me I would not receive an email because they don’t have my email address. They do have my email address: 1) I just gave it to them when I filled the online form and 2) they send the garden waste service annual renewal by email.

I regularly get the reply we don’t have your email. Somehow isn’t filed under primary email in their system even though I use it to log into the system and as you say get bills and other communication through it. Even if I now write my email into text when record a missed collection I still don’t get an email and also cant update to change my primary email. Somewhere there is a fault in the system. But good news they still picked up the missed collection!

Monday 13th, Easter Monday, was a bank holiday.

Monday was a Bank Holiday, so the normal pick-up day of Wednesday moves to Thursday, but there was no pick-up Thursday. But the street had a pick-up on Friday.

Oops - misread that sorry, though under lockdown all the days seem to blend into one!

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Perhaps the coding is done by local kids for their GCSE projects or by volunteers from the Forest Hill Society - actually on second thoughts if it was the latter it would probably have been tested and would work.

I just got an email from Lewisham - it looks like it is time to renew ‘brown bin’ subscriptions now.

From their page:

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How do I sign up to get my black bins collected every two weeks and green ever? (Neighbours are disgusting and throw nappies in the green one)

Are they the Naty brand?

I believe they are the Nasty Brand

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Got our e-mail yesterday evening & renewed there & then!

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