Gardener/landscaper recommendations

We’re in the same boat so would love his details too please Nadia. Many thanks.

Will do

Finally finished and managed to get a few photos in the almost light…


I mentioned this to Will also:
Very happy with the quality of the work and the finished result. The price was also very good, it was almost half of the other quote we got.
The key compromise is the speed. He’s not the fastest worker, which I already knew. Bad weather doesn’t help of course, but quoted length of time I would not take for granted at all.
His name is Diego and he’s on 07453 777044


Thanks Nadia, looks good. And thanks for the info… I’ll give Diego a call this week (and let him know you recommended him).

Great, good luck!

Currently looking for someone to laying some paving, artificial lawn and a shed base if anyone has any recommendations?

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Interested in this as well. Did you find someone in the end?

I think I may have found a guy but will confirm soon

In case you haven’t, we used these guys for installation of a new deck. Their work was excellent… even our gardener was impressed. They specialise in hard landscaping.

We’ve actually just used someone who our friend recommended. Jarek is based in Colliers Wood but covers our area. He did 80-90 ft of fencing (removing old brick wall), paved outside our bi-folds plus built a new wall with step and levelled our garden. Pic attached (before he grouted the tiles so they now look even better). Hope this helps.

I was so happy with the work he did. He was very honest and trustworthy and I felt happy having him around. His prices were also very competitive.

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Groundteam have just about finished in my garden and they have been absolutely fantastic. They did a shed base, paving and some artificial turf and it looks amazing and was done for a very competitive price. They were also one of the very few gardeners/landscapers that responded to my enquiry as well.

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Hi FaeryCatmother,

Are you able to post your neighbour the gardener contact details unable to contact via website.

Many thanks!

This is a friend of mine and she does great work - I have her booked in to design my garden but she has lots of contacts for landscapers

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Hi Foresthhillnick,

Thank you for your recommendation, very much appreciated.

Many thanks!