Gardeners' photo thread

I wondered if we could have a gardeners’ photo thread, rather like the bakers’ photo thread that I for one have found so encouraging. I know we have a gardening advice thread, but I was just thinking maybe photos?

This for example is my clematis this afternoon.


And these are two climbing roses.

Mme Isaac Pereire (the pink one! I’ve made a bit of a muddle of the order in which I’ve posted them.) - which isn’t a true climber, but I’ve trained it as such and it’s a good controllable size for our courtyard.

And Mme Alfred Carriere (the white one - rather a dark photo) - which is a rather rampant climber for the space it’s in, but worth the constant tying in and trimming.


Here’s a couple of flowers from my Nelly Moser which is doing great right now:

Note the leaves behind the flowers are from my brutish Clematis Armandi which produced loads of flowers earlier in the year. Having Nelly climb through the dense green foliage seems to work as a good combination to keep more interest though the year. I’m considering trying to get a rambling rose in there too for a bit more variation.


About the only decent thing in the jungle I laughingly call my garden - blossom on our cherry tree.
Hoping for a decent crop this year - last year we managed only half a small basin…


Great Idea and hopefully should provide a bit of cheer!

We have been working on a rockery the last couple of days. Obviously it needs to fill out a bit but looking pretty good so far.


My mum sent these today as she can’t remember what this plant is called. It flowered last year and has come back this year.
Anyone know its name? image image image


That’s stunningly beautiful @Clair but I’m afraid I don’t know what it is.

*Polemonium caeruleum. Jacobs ladder


That’s brilliant thank you Dave! I will pass on to my mum. She’ll be chuffed!


I thought I’d have a go at propagating some camellias this year. Initially I cut a few stems and just dunked them in some compost, then I actually researched it and you’re supposed to cut the stems just above each leaf where the new shoots are coming out. So I planted about 20 thinking if 2 of them work then I’m winning. Seems like almost ALL of them have rooted so I may need to open a garden centre in the summer :slight_smile: I also managed to grow a couple from seed (in the glass pot) but they’re still tiny.

Also tried a couple of magnolia stems - I have no idea if they’ll work yet. Plus some baby Aloe offshoots from the big one in the pot on the terrace. Oh and a couple of Flame Trees with seeds from Singapore… I don’t think they’ll last the winter though.

I’m enjoying lockdown!


The first of this year’s Veilchenblau. Any day now for the whole flush.

And the first Souvenir du Dr Jamain of this year, quite difficult to photo this one, as it’s a bit out of reach and looks upwards. Lots of lower buds to come though and this rose does repeat.


I’d love to know what this plant is in my garden so I can go to Shannons and hopefully get a few more to make it even bigger. Blooms for about 3 weeks around May and is lovely.


The flowers look like a potentilla, but the leaves don’t. Very pretty, whatever it is. How does it spread? Maybe you can take cuttings or layer it.

If you show your photo to Shannons they’re bound to know.


Cistus, probably salvifolius prostratus ( dwarf sage leaved )rock rose**. Sun loving, drought tolerant


Bingo. That’s it. Thank you :pray:


Gosh you’re good :grinning:

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Here are a couple of snaps of the Félicité Parmentier rose in my front garden. This one only blooms once, but it has a fragrance that stops you in your tracks.


The Portland Rose, which sits next to the Félicité Parmentier in the border. I’ll try to get a wider shot when they’re a little less sparse.


A few from our garden this morning.


These orange flowers are very pretty and have been flowering a while. No idea what they are. I’ve seen them whilst out for a walk quite a few times.
Thought I’d take a picture before they go & put on here to see if someone knows what they are.