General Politics Category Closed

This is a notice to inform that that we, the moderation team, have decided to close Politics.

It has had its ups and down but was a place where people could put voice to their opinions without fear of censure.

However in these ever polarising days we have decided it has run its course.

As the politics moderator I have to say that I am proud of all who took part in it and although there was the odd bump it ran well.

Sadly though it has not been very active of late so it is being put out of its misery.


The red flag still flutters over SE23, comrades! :fist:

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Local politics will continue to be operational, just discussion on general politics is to close. This is actually common across most other forums I am on I believe, as, especially in the current political climate, it can be divisive.

So all issues around se23 can still be discussed, issues regarding the wider political landscape are to be no more, but there are plenty of other places more suited to those types of conversation.

We hope this will be to the benefit of all users of the site, though no doubt some will be sad to see this category go.




Smart move mods. Will make your lives a lot easier no doubt!

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So if something is posted in the General section that moderators deem ‘political’, will it be given a welcome, or … deleted?

Is politics no longer allowed to be discussed, or are we so tolerant now, that it doesn’t need a special opt-in category? Arguably everything is political, so it should never have had its own section.

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Hello @DevonishForester

As with everything that is new, I suspect it will evolve overtime.

As a general rule, anything that would previously have lived in General Politics is now offlimits on the site. So if someone starts a conversation on Brexit for example, that will be moved from public view, to moderator actions, and the thread or post closed.

There will no doubt be some grey areas, and posts flags by members, some of which we will agree are political, some we won’t, and some sitting on the edge - we’ll just have to take a view case by case.



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So are you archiving the old politics threads or are they being removed completely?

Hi. Will the existing topics remain on view and simply closed to further contribution? Or will the whole board and its contents be removed?

We are mulling that over at the moment.

Will you be keeping screengrabs of the best bits for the purposes of future historical research?


I went to locate some posts in General Politics today. And can’t find General Politics.

Hello Starman, please see the title of this thread. As we announced a little while ago politics has closed. Thank you.

Why does closing mean destroying from being seen again? Surely they could just be locked? Wholesale destruction is a bit Ministry of Truth…

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There are many ways @moderators could chose to close down politics. This is by far the most nuclear of options.

Since general politics was created, and became an opt-in section of the Forum, it has been at many times the most active. Many forum members have made significant contributions, often through hard research and review of news material and even academic studies. Of course there has been arguments and even acrimony but such was the nature of this section. As moderators of this section often said, THERE BE DRAGONS.

The best option and one to honour the significant contributions of many forum members past and present would be to leave the many many many topics, in the opt-in area and closed to further contributions.

Please reconsider your decision in this matter. Or have you already destroyed the inputs of dozens of contributors over several years?

@starman - you want it visible to rake through it but not editable?

Nothing has been deleted or destroyed as you put it - merely hidden, I thought we had said that previously but maybe not.
Personally I am glad it has gone as it was the major source of contention, flags and acrimony.
However I take your point and I’ll put it to the team.
Note I am busy all weekend so may not be able to do anything quickly but rest assured all the content is still there.




As I’ve suggested before, there is no need to rush. Rushed moderating or decision making has sometimes been the core of problems. And I’m not sure what you mean by rake though. Personally, I often refer back to information I’ve and others have posted. The depth of debate in that section is a valuable resource. There have been times though when topics have been deleted… or at least that’s how it was represented in what seemed to be some form of censorship. But even if only hidden, it is effectively deleted as I gather only moderators will be able to view.

Unlike the other recent “removals” this is not available to the whole forum membership. The section has limited access. As do other sections of Close them to future contributions and you also solve the problem of moderation.

Yes it was. And it bears consideration both why that was and why it had become less active of late.

Note: General Politics discussion is still available on

Do you mean General Politics became less active or overall?