General Refuse Bin not collected this week on Sunderland Road - any other streets also waiting?

Our black general refuse bin wasn’t emptied on Wednesday. Just wondering if there are any other streets that also weren’t picked up or if just Sunderland Road.

That’s weird @Bolgerp - I’m in a small block of flats on Sunderland Road and all our black bins were emptied on Wednesday morning about 9am!

You can report a missed collection. I think it said they aim to collect within 2 days if reported within 24 hours.

Hmmmm. Very strange.

Non-collection of bins is very common.
Some houses on corners experience this frequently depending on which road the collectors think the bins relate to.

I have filled out the missed collection web form. Glad I checked as I was assuming they were just running behind as per the advice on their website (staff shortages due to Covid).

Looks like it was only just the two black bins that were missed. I thought the neighbours across the street were missed too. They weren’t. So looks like it was just an oversight, which I imagine must happen occasionally when all the bins look the same! Certainly it’s not happened to us before.

Will be interesting to see when it does get collected as it’s already full. No room for even one bin bag, never mind 2 weeks’ worth of rubbish. The Garden waste bin may need to be deployed as the overflow again.