Get rid of old paint cans

Crown Decorating Centres are accepting old paint for a limited period. A good opportunity to get shot of old paint tins which is quite hard to move on responsibly. There’s a Crown Decorating Centre next to Screwfix in Sydenham.


This is good to know, thx for posting.

Just for future reference:
There is a service where you can arrange for collection of paint and some other hazardous waste from outside your property. When I used it there was a few week lead time and items are supposed to be boxed, but it was quite convenient.

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Yes I’ve used that service, it worked well, you had to list on a form all the types of waste , tin sizes etc and put them in boxes for pick up.

The Crown thing is a one off, but looks as if it might require no form filling etc so hassle free.

And of course the reason we need either is because it is classed as hazardous waste and you can’t put paint, varnish etc in bins or take to Lewisham recycling.

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Thanks, very useful to know. It’s until Saturday 10 April. Good advertising I guess - I didn’t know there was a Crown Decorating Centre in Sydenham but I do now!