Glass Mills Leisure swimming

Sorry that this is not strictly SE23… although the same query would be for the Better Leisure in Forest Hill once it opens.
Does anyone know how the booking for the swimming works? Sessions appear to be only 10 minutes apart which is weird.
Tried phoning but you literally can’t speak to anyone.
Also any info on changing and showering system would be appreciated!

There’s some info about the reopening in this video, which says you can book online or via telephone (the number is given towards the end of the video - sorry!):

The website is, though it looks like you need to register to get access to the booking system.

Yeah got all that the thanks, specifically interested in the 10 minute booking slots which is weird.
The phone number just tells you to go to the website … eventually

That’s one of my pet hates… in this day and age I think it is generally web first then call if you can’t find what you need. The worst are the ones which make you go though lots of menu options, only to then tell you to go to the website and hang up on you, grrr!

From experience at Brockwell Lido, it’s that the pool is open continuously but you need to arrive within your window so they can stagger people arriving and everyone doesn’t arrive on the hour all at once. You then have an allocated amount of time to swim eg 50 mins. Sure it’s the same there.

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In addition/expansion of @Pea 's answer - it is probably to do with ensuring the changing area is not crowded and social distancing is possible. Essentially it ensures an almost continuous stream of a relatively low number of visitors.

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