GONE - Free sofa

Green sofa 220cm x 90cm - not in mint condition but a willing mind could see it as retro, or even ‘mid century’

In Cranston Road, free to collect

Morning! I’m very interested in the sofa if it’s still available? I could hire a van to collect it on Monday, if that would work for you? Are you on the ground floor?

Thanks and all the best,

Hello Pippa- Monday is fine, and yes, its on the ground floor. Cheers, Evan

Great, thanks Evan! I’ll arrange an Any Van now for Monday morning and they’ll give me a two hour window the day before, if that sounds ok? Thanks again, Pippa

Oh, and please may I also have your address abs postcode for the van booking? Thanks! Pippa

@Pippa, @Evan - I created a PM message for you to swap details without posting in the public forum. Please check you messages :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m new around here you see…

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