GONE: Lashings and oodles of clothes, shoes and boots - barely/rarely worn

I have shed loads of lovely clothes, shoes, boots…so much - that I’ve rarely, if ever worn. I need to move on and let them go. In my tiny one bed flat, I have no more space. If I did have the space, trust me…I’d keep it all.

I’m not in a financial position to bundle it all up into sacks and sell for mere pennies by the ‘lb load’ to be then shipped off and given away for capitalistic African big boyz (who get there first when it’s all unloaded) to make a fortune out of it, whilst the rest of their people scrounge, fight and suffer for the dribs, drabs and rags left over. Seemingly, all goes on to be sold for profit…whether it be their equivalent of pounds vs pennies.

Sorry, I’d rather see my clothes go to people that need to be clothed…not to their countries big boyz - whichever country they come from. Yes, this is a political comment, as well as a commercial ad. God help me with the potential backlash.

If someone would like to buy…here it all is. Years of buying things that I’ve barely used. Lovely. For a fraction of the price. Bulk load. I need the space, or else I’d keep it all, as I still love it.

Please PM me.

What about a table sale or Spock? :blush:

Sorry meant shock :grimacing:

Oh I can’t spell right here we go SPHOCK! :joy:

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