Graffiti on London Road


It seems like in recent months the area on London Road near Saisnburys/Havelock Walk has rapidly declined in appearance. There’s graffiti and posters popping up everywhere. Happily the window on the empty shop next to Costa has been cleaned, but other places look shameful and it seems like one tag than encourages others. I’ve reported it to the council several times but nothing has come of it. Does anyone know what else can be done?


I use the Love Clean Streets app and find they clear up graffiti surprisingly quickly in most cases - at least when it is on council property or things like bus stops and telecoms boxes.

That said, the fly posters in the station subway seem to be surviving despite being reported in that way.


Thank you. I’ll give that a go!

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I have been reporting the Dartmouth Road graffiti on Fixmystreet. They forward to the council and with the exception of a couple of shops who refuse graffiti removal the result has been great. Important you keep having the tags removed so the other ‘artists’ no longer feel it necessary to engage.


I used FixMyStreet and it’s worked. Thank you! The road now looks so much better.


They do seem very on the ball. I am just about to report the fish tank dumped by the underpass!

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