I don’t think this is a new problem, but it seems there’s a lot of new tagging/graffiti about. Saw some new stuff today on the National Rail building approaching the FH Station underpass. Any thoughts? Guess there’s little that can be done. Doesn’t half look awful.

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You guess is correct Yorkie-Boy. That’s how far gone things have got.

Christmas seemed to be a busy time for graffiti, fly tipping and fly posting.

All of that can be reported in the Love Clean Streets app, and I’ve found Lewisham seem to tidy up within a few days.

Here’s a link to the Android app:

There is also which similarly works.

Interesting bit of graffiti in the underpass from the weekend:


Not everyone knows that Lewisham is trying to build more social housing at every opportunity. But I do get that people who are struggling to find homes are having a tough time; and I can sympathise with their plight (but not with their grafitti)


The briefest of searches will find that unsurprisingly the council does a great deal of work to house the homeless. Shame they will have to waste money removing this nonsense.


Yep - I’m pretty sure graffiti removal and street cleaning is a fraction of the budget spent by Lewisham on social housing and support, though I can’t find any natty infographic on to show that right now.


Notwithstanding it’s volunteers from the Forest Hill Society who have regularly cleaned those panels.