Grounds and Grapes [Now Hiring]



The Aussies know how to brew a good coffee!


Anyone have an email address for Latoyah by any chance? Thanks


@Latoyahl Is there any latest news with the opening? I saw some builders at work in there last Monday, but not much since? Excited for the opening!


@Latoyahl So desperate to know whats the latest with Grounds & Grapes - Longing to get a good cup of coffee in HOP!!


This sorry tale has resulted in a rather inaccurately named thread…


I’ve added a question mark :slight_smile:

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Is this actually ever going to open?! Shame to see empty shops on such a small high street


Good news! I have seen builders in working the last couple of mornings of me waking past - door was open and can see it’s going to look great! Really coming along now. Hopefully it will open soon?


Re. The old Guscott’s sign.
I remember this old store, it lasted longer than any of the shops now in HOP parade, and will probably continue to out-live those currently on the parade.
Another part of local history gone forever.
The workmen painted over that beautiful sign. Philistines.:skull:


This is great news! This is exactly what is needed in HOP!


Anymore news on the opening?!? There hasnt been any activity again for a few weeks!. Desperate to see this open!


Perhaps a second question mark needs to be added to the title…!


I think it is the “soon” part that has lost it resonance.


I should say, despite my pessimism, I would really like to see this place open its doors and become successful, but I am left feeling very exasperated with certain parts of the Honor Oak parade. It has some decent established businesses but there must be demand for others, it just never seems to quite get there. Such a shame.


I get what you are saying Jerry but would like to point out that though the changes seem glacial they are huge over time. It is hardly recognisable from 10 years ago, in mostly a good way IMO.


Agreed, Brett. But you only need to look to Crofton Park to see how an area can vastly improve in a small space of time.


We need more places for 20 somethings in HOP, like in Brockley or New Cross. Too many places are just full of babies and prams. A wine bar would be a good start!


Nah, we’ll all be in the wine bar too, sorry :wink:


Looks like their Facebook page was updated with a photo on the 6th of June:


Does anyone atall know what’s going on with Grounds and Grapes?! It’s been over a year now since it was first reported it was going to open. Work has halted again. No activity for the last month or 2. So frustrating!