Guy Fawkes Night Events

Hi all,

interested in everyone’s thoughts and preferences ahead of Bonfire Night.

We’ve tried a few in the past:

Herne Hill - used to be excellent before Lambeth Council went arty and set up paywalls.

West Dulwich - was OK though spent most of the time queuing for Hot Dogs and dodging mud in the playing fields!

Crystal Palace was good when they had the funfair/shows but last time we went (2016) it was a bit basic, no sparklers allowed either.

Last year we did Blackheath which was big and open, however a bit of a trek for the little ones.

Bonfires seem to be a thing of the past sadly.

Any advice greatly received!



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It may be a bit too far but I always loved the bonfire and firework display at Battersea Park. Though I think it is tickets now too.

Cheers bud. It is paid for but our little ones go free. As it still does Bonfire and Fireworks we’re going to give it a go this year. Also as it’s not on a school night it makes things easier too.

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