Handyman recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good handyman to fix my garden gate? It won’t close so probably needs a new hinge.

A lovely guy called José +44 7472 554754

Found him on ratedpeople.com where he was very highly rated.

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Colin Wares just did a great job of enlarging our loft hatch and fitting a new set of folding steps, highly recommended (as he was by others in my road). He does built-in furniture as well as structural woodwork, floors, decorating etc. Affordable rates. He is busy though! 07903 113650 or pm me for his email.

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I’ve been meaning to reply for ages. Jose fixed our gate really well. A lovely fella and a fair price for the quality of the work

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Oh good I’m pleased.

He’s such a nice guy.

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I’ve got a similar request for recommendations for someone near Honor Oak who could do a small building/carpentry job (getting the metal door off my coal-shed and putting a decent-sized wooden door on instead). It’s only a small job but the coal-shed is pretty solid so needs proper tools! Grateful for any recommendations.

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José is your man!


I realise this is super late now but José was great so thanks for the recommendation!

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There seem to have been a few burglaries nearby recently so we are looking into getting some window grates (probably inside so we can still open the windows). Has anyone had any fitted and have any recommendations about the type etc? Thanks!

Just had Jose round to do an inspection pre-quote. He seemed a really nice chap.

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@InTheNightGarden @Carolina @Matthew_Benney Is this the Jose we are talking about?


Yes @garliesroad that’s who put the door on my coal shed.


Jose did some stuff for me and he was amazing! :heart: him!

Hello I need a kitchen and new bathoom fitted can you PM me Jose number please? The website above isnt working for me. Thank you.

Hi there, it’s on this thread Local carpenter recommendations Can;t message you as I’m not verified I’m afraid! Hope this helps x

We used Handy Mark http://www.handymark007.co.uk

Not only was he fast and efficient (and let me have a go with the ridiculously powerful nailgun), but his website is a celebration of English eccentricity:

Highly recommended.

Looking for a handyman to do a tiny job - bathroom light has blown and cannot seem to take it apart to change it. Hopefully there’s someone in Forest Hill who can quickly work out what to do!

Hi there, not sure if you already found someone for your kitchen, but if not, please check out:

Plenty of project photos & client testimionials on there

Jose phone number: 0747 255 4754
email: jpmg6767@gmail.com