Handyman recommendations




Please ring Jose Directly on 07472554754
Or email him. Jotapmg6767@gmail.com
Don’t go to Rated People as the jobs have to be bought.


Just wanted to highlight Renato, who I found through Rated People. He hung some doors for us. Very polite, unassuming and just got on with the job. I believe he does other bits and pieces too. Responded quickly by email and has good availability.



I was very impressed with Jose. I came around same day to give me a quote for something, and he talked me out of it on the basis that it wasn’t really necessary.

Also, it’s worth reminding people that if you contact tradespeople via RatedPeople.com, they have to pay a commission for the service (my old flatmate was a tradie). I always use RatedPeople.com to check credentials, but book directly if I can.


I would just like to re-endorse Jose, whom I was introduced to on this site. He is a lovely man and has always done a great job for me. My sister in law uses him too now.

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Would anyone be able to disclose how much per hour they paid for Jose?

With us being new to the area (area being the south of England :joy:) we need something to benchmark against


Why not just ring him and get him to quote the job for you?


Thanks for the tip. Did that hence wanting to benchmark whether it was good value or not


Ah, OK. I have just used Jose and he charged me £220 for fixing my stairs and making a new loft hatch, which included £20 of materials. His fees are on a sliding scale: £80 first hour; £60 for the second, then £40 an hour after that. Good value I’m my opinion. Nice guy, too which always helps.


Wow, that sounds crazy!
Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate that you’re happy with what you’ve got for the price, but £380 for the first 8 hour day’s work and £320 per day thereafter is very expensive.

My handyman is second-to-none and he made this TV surround for me in under 2 days at £180 per day. (Unfortunately, he’s very rarely available)


But I didn’t pay that. I paid £200 for the two jobs plus materials which I think is totally fair. Also, I’m sure José would work on a per project basis.


So is your guy on here as a recommendation?


No, I haven’t put his details up for purely selfish reasons because I always grab him whenever he’s available.

I Only used this example to give @anon29047591 a benchmark against the hourly rates that you’d quoted.


Pretty sure José would not charge by the day rate. If a job were to take eight hours plus he would give a fixed fee.


Thanks both for the info. We were very happy with Jose’s work in the end - he did a great job


I have just used Andy Jacob 07564 194363 (Andyman) who I actually found from a lot of recommendations on the East Dulwich Forum. He single handedly put together and installed a 3 meter run of Ikea wardrobes and did a cracking job. He is down to earth, friendly and was professional. He was also the most competitive compared to others I invited to quote from both EDF and on here. I have no hesitation recommending him, he will certainly be my go to person in the future.IMG_8394


I’ve just used a local guy named Alfie to help move boxes. He’s from forest hill and is just getting started on his own. He helped me pack a van and did a good job but also offers pairing, decorating, a packing service and other services.

He was friendly and we got a good rate from him.

His contact no is 07533 851113


Another happy customer of Jose’s here. He came round to do a small repair at my home yesterday. Probably the nicest and most honest tradesperson I’ve ever dealt with. I will definitely ask him back whenever I need some work done in the home.


I contacted Renato to fit a new front door and he told me that he is now living abroad but gave me a number for Wesley.
Has anyone used Wesley or have any other local recommendations for some to fit a fronf door?