Harold Daniel's shop, Dartmouth Road

Harold Daniel was a racing motorcyclist who rode Nortons in the Isle of Man TT
He had a shop in Dartmouth Road, probably where The Hair Lounge is now. He always had interesting bikes in the window, this is 1950’s & 1960’s. I remember the first Norton Commando in his window. He used to do MoT testing of bikes. I had a motor assisted bicycle and I took it to him for testing. I have a strong memory of him, a TT rider, in his white coat and pebble glasses, riding my motorised pushbike along Dartmouth Road, no helmet or anything like that of course in those days. He tested it 2 years running and I have his autograph on the two pass certificates.

I bought the motor for the push bike, a Trojan Minimotor, made in Croydon, for 30/- From Buckley’s bicycle shop. also on Dartmouth Road. Buckley was, I think, a minor frame builder too.

All gone now, all the shops seem to be takeaways.


I believe John Surtees father also had a m/cycle shop or workshop on Dartmouth Rd, You also had Myers Motorcycle on stanstead Rd, He was into his bike racing.

Big motorsport heritage in SE23? Anyone know any others ?


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Cameron Horsman is a current motorcycle racer that lives locally.


This has been linked to before on this short thread

It also mentions Harold Daniell’s shop.

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John Surtees father (Jack) had a shop at 2 Sunderland Road…