Harris Academy blazer found

It’s currently sitting on the brick wall on Waldram Park Road, between the bus stop and Church Rise. (Mods: I couldn’t find a lost & found category)

That is such a shame, those blazers must cost the earth. Is there anyway you could get it to the school itself? Or give them a ring, maybe they can put a message out in assembly, (if they still have them? Or something like that.


Good idea. I’ve emailed them but I think it’s half term hols now, is it not?

Yes! So I suppose it will have gone or be soaking wet by next Monday, oh well, at least you have tried. Although I wouldn’t have thought there are no staff there at all to look at the e mails, so you never know :slight_smile:

Damn. I meant to mention it was still there on my way home last night.

Update: the blazer seems to have gone. Hopefully it’s now where it should be.


Looks like another vote for the lost and found category!