Has anyone seen our cat?

Has anyone seen this cat?

She got out the window a few days ago and we haven’t seen her since. She usually doesn’t travel too far.

Went missing around wastdale road near the fire station.

She’s 9 years old but a little small for her age
She’s white with brown smudges. Usually very vocal and meows quite a lot.
Her name is Picalilli


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Sorry to hear Picalilli is missing. I’ve shared on our social channels:

Hope she returns home soon


Thanks for that Chris

I’m really sorry to be the bearer of the news but I think I saw this cat, probably Friday night, I think. She was on the south circular, near Wastdale road and she was not alive.

Where abouts was that?

It would have been between the lights by the fire station and the railway corner. On the westbound lane. She looked as though she hadn’t long been hit but (I only drove past so I didn’t get a great look but I did notice her)she appeared to have a very serious head injury and no movement at all. I was coming home from a job around 10:30 Friday night.

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Ok thanks anyway. Could possibly have been her but we will keep looking just in case it wasn’t.


We’ve just had a reply to our tweet:


Thanks Chris.

I’m going to sign up for this forum to reply to this post to get more info


Hi all

Just want to thank you all for your help

We got a call from the council saying they found her and confirmed her microchip. It wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for but thay confirms EllipitcalEggs suspicion also.

Really appreciate the shares and the responses


Sorry to hear that @Jojo - I know how it feels to lose a cat, and you have my sincere sympathies.


Really sorry JoJo, I lost many pets to the road growing up - it’s very sad.

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Really sorry to hear this Joe, the same happened to our cat a couple of years back, it’s very sad. Wish you all the best

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really sad news. wish you all the best

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