Has something happened to 'moderator actions'?

I’m a bit confused - there was a post by @clausy on here this morning expressing concern about a local bot that claims to be offering friendly retweets. There didn’t seem to be anything particularly objectionable in its content when I saw it, but the post has now disappeared, and the bot has now posted the following:

I came back to see if I’d missed something in the post, assuming that the relevant content would be visible in the ‘moderator actions’ section of the site, as usual, but couldn’t see anything. Has this section of the site stopped being used? And is there any explanation for the removal of the post in question?



This was strange.

The SE23_tweets Twitter bot amplifies a lot of SE23.life content across twitter, as it should. That is what a good bot does. However, as of recent the bot has been acting very unbotlike and seems to have gained a personality becoming involved in a number of really distasteful and unsavoury Twitter fights.

This feels worthy of discussion so am uncertain why a post on the matter appears to have been removed. If this was simply deleted by the OP then apologies.


Odd that a Bot has the self awareness to talk about its creator!
I think this is all because the bot account is run by a former owner of the forum. I didn’t see the post so I can’t comment but it is odd that it just disappeared.


The post in question looked to be perpetuating personal feuds that have been playing out on Twitter and are largely nothing to do with SE23.life today.

The post was converted to a PM and a dialog started with the poster.

Please let’s move on as in think we all have much better things to do with our time.

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Maybe give the mods on here a break @jonfrewin and @starman

The bot has nothing to do with se23.life, perhaps it would be better to discuss on Twitter, FB and other forums.

This will add nothing positive so I don’t see the point of it, on here anyway, and is just another dig at the former owner of the site.


Correct, our Twitter accounts are listed in the FAQ.

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Very strange indeed. Is the SE23_tweets bot linked to this site? Would be good to know. It’s all quite toxic over on twitter and would be a shame if it dragged this forum into it all. Would be good to clear up which Twitter profiles are linked to SE23.Life and which aren’t.

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Ah crossed posts! Thanks for clearing it up!

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The bot along with the associated street level ones largely retweet content from SE23.life. It would be easy to deduce that it is still associated to this site as it once was. I’m pretty sure that is not the case anymore but it would be worthwhile to disassociate it from this site and its stable mates.

The spats this ‘friendly’ bot are currently involved with probably do no favour to this site.

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I do think that despite the connections to the former owner it is still worthy of public discussion on a local forum as is shown in this thread. If the account is not really a bot and is getting into disputes then it is surely worthy of note here?


I’d just like to add the same disclaimer here that I have on my personal Twitter bio that FHSoc stuff is elsewhere. It’s ‘the former guy’ who’s trying to repeatedly bring them into it and they have absolutely nothing to do with this conversation. please simply ignore it. It’s in my nature to defend other people, but I’m happy to take advice and move it elsewhere. Thanks for the feedback.


I prefer to live in blissful ignorance of what is occuring on Twitter!

My personal view is this won’t help anyone.

My concern also.


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