Heidi Alexander's move to City Hall to trigger Lewisham by-election



Local Council Election Day


Tis a shame she couldn’t have come to this decision in a manner which could have put her seat on the ballot last week.


I’m not sure they need an election in a seat with a 21,000 majority :wink:

It’s odd that the mayor of London can also be an MP but the deputy mayor cannot.



She was sitting next to Damien Egan and cllr Paul Bell on a panel entitled “Importance of Political Participation”.
I know nothing more about her than this. But sitting on a panel at the local mosque is not a bad thing and certainly doesn’t automatically make her an extremist.


That’s a straw man argument. No one accused her of being an extremist. And no one claimed sitting on a panel at a mosque was a bad thing.

Are Sheikh, Egan and Bell aware of Begg’s high court ruling I wonder?

It’s not a good look for local politicians to share platforms with extremists who promote religious violence.


You would need to ask the individuals themselves, I wouldn’t like to speak for them, although I think I know the answer.

We have previously discussed Begg on this forum. That thread has been deleted, I do not intend to repeat everything I said on a deleted thread, but I will say that many people I respect say that Begg is doing good things for community relations and integration. Beyond that I’m not prepared to have the same discussion we have already had.

It is probably worth noting that Sakina Sheikh is also a councillor for Perry Vale ward - elected last week.

It will certainly be interesting to see who gets selected by the Labour Party for this seat.


If we’re playing the logical fallacy game again I’ll counter with association fallacy, a gambit in wide use here.

But really. It’s a poor game when there’s an effort to tarnish someone’s reputation by association to the UK’s 2011 Eurovision entry.


Like Michael you’re making a straw man argument.

No one is using the association fallacy (no one is claiming that these Labour politicians are extremists because they shared a platform with an extremist).

Instead, the problem with them doing so is two-fold:

  • It legitimises Begg as a local figure of influence and a representative of his faith community. As the high court noted, Begg was “something of a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character” who presented one face to the local community and another “to receptive Muslim audiences on chosen occasions” when “he has shed the cloak of respectability and revealed the horns of extremism”.

  • It brings disrepute to the Labour Party, similarly to Corbyn’s “our friends in Hezbollah and Hamas” statement.


I find it particularly distasteful that you’re posting a Guido Fawkes article on a supposedly balanced website Chris. Hardly known for his neutrality is he?


This website is not a place where some media sources are “haram” and others “halal” I’m afraid.

Balance means listening to all viewpoints.

As you’ll see in this topic I also posted an article from the Guardian, which has entirely opposite biases to Guido Fawkes (and biases nonetheless).

You’re able to reply and refute any of the points made by the Guido or Guardian articles if you think they’re factually incorrect?


And the Guardian article?


No I’m not.

Yes they are. And I think I’ve seen a third gambit in play - Ignoratio Elenchi. So if this to become a discussion focused more on Shakeel Begg rather than a discussion on Heidi Alexander’s move or potential replacement then I have to agree with Michael. I’m not in mind to participate in a do-over.

On this matter you make a good point. I must get in the habit of posting articles by the Canary as it exhibits opposite biases to the Daily Telegraph which I often reference in this forum.

I can see one positive outcome of Heidi Alexander’s move to the Mayor’s office. Given her unique understanding of transport problems in Lewisham hopefully she can help see some improvements to the area.

The Guido does reference an article from the Red Roar though only in relation to Claudia Webbe. The same article provides a list of runners and riders for Heidi’s vacant seat. Guido’s list seems to replicate the Red Roar list in many ways (:man_shrugging:) though perhaps unsurprisingly the Red Roar brings a different viewpoint. Interesting they are both consistent in their view on Claudia Webbe’s chances.


I’d like nothing more than to get back to the discussion of candidates and their merits, as opposed to handling yours and Michael’s comments on Shakeel Begg and your wrongful accusations of logical fallacies.



It seems that not all in Labour are happy with events

Other media sources are available.


Gender and racial discrimination is alive and well in the Labour Party it seems.


Sadly so but Momentum doesn’t care and it seems neither does their esteemed leader or most of the senior party members. I wonder when the scales will fall from the electorates eyes.


Majority in the Labour Party think this is a fair way of ensuring that our gender balance doesn’t go backwards. Had we had roughly 50% MPs women and proportionally same % of BAME as in our population, this positive discrimination would no longer be place.

I do find that selection process in bye-elections is at odds with our principles of local democracy and that in strong Labour areas, such as Lewisham East, local party is quite capable of finding quickly a great candidate with local links.

One name I have not seen on the list of contenders is Cllr Breda Dacres.