Heidi Alexander's move to City Hall to trigger Lewisham by-election



Another name that hasn’t appeared on the list yet is former councillor Hilton :slight_smile:


ha ha ha
No chance


Another contender:


She’s withdrawn, according to The Telegraph:
“Labour candidate for Lewisham East by-election withdraws as it emerges she compared Israel-Palestine conflict to ‘Nazi persecution’”


Lib Dems select Lucy Salek for Lewisham East Parliamentary by-election



Here’s Labour’s shortlist:


Ironic that Joe Dromey, son of Harriet Harman, was denied candidacy on the basis of Harman’s gender discrimination policies.


I’ve met Lucy, she is very good, local born and bred, pro Europe. Would make an excellent MP in my opinion.

Seriously uphill battle though.


Momentum are backing Sakina Sheikh:

Unite will be supporting Claudia Webbe:

Sakina Sheikh is tweeting her solidarity with Claudia Webbe after Guido reported that she had appeared on Russia Today and Press TV.


I see the identity politics are in full swing :unamused:

If anyone criticises any of the candidates, the criticism is “racist”

This is nonsense. Candidates (or party leaders) making appearances on the state propaganda channels of Russia and Iran deserve scrutiny.


Another couple of candidates:

Green Party has selected Störm Poorun

UKIP have selected David Kurten, a candidate with an existing seat on the London Assembly.


Point of interest: @DavidKurtenAM is a member of the forum.


And two additional candidates:

The Monster Raving Loony Party will be represented by Howling Laud Hope
And Anne Marie Waters will by under the banner of “For Britain”. Previously Anne Marie Waters came second in the UKIP leadership election, David Kurten came third.


There’s some concern on Twitter that Kurten and Waters will split their vote.


…ruining any chance Howling Lord Hope had of coming in last place.


Without wishing to start a tedious debate on Brexit, it’s notable that the Labour front-runner for Lewisham East is, like Corbyn, pragmatic about it:


Conservative candidate for Lewisham East will be Ross Archer who recently stood as mayor of Lewisham and came in second place (13%) to Damien Egan in first choice votes.


The Women’s Equality Party candidate will be Mandu Reid.


I am told that the Lib Dems nationally will be putting a lot of effort into supporting Lucy Dalek. I guess she will be the go-to candidate for all you Remoaners.


I expect they are hoping to progress on the 4.4% result in 2017