‘Hello Fresh’ door to door sales

We’ve had two door to door sales people trying to flog ‘hello fresh’ deliveries. The poor guys are in full PPE and probably only earning commission.

No disrespect to the individuals, only trying to earn a living in a tough climate but I’m going to have to get in touch with the company and maybe the council? It’s not on. Lots of people shielding still.


But they are in full PPE? What’s the problem?

Why might as well skip the council and go straight to the police.

I saw them on Colfe Road yesterday. I know people are shielding and are sensitive at this time so this might annoy some people but I can’t see anything wrong with it. From what I saw as I went by they maintained a very clear distance and had PPE with full face guards. All it takes is a firm “no”.


Perhaps a note to say no door to door sales or something of that note will suffice. It is a tough economic climate and I do sympathise.

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They used to do a lot of sales activity at stations, aiming at busy commuters. I imagine that sales channel is pretty much redundant at the moment so I can see why door to door sales are seen as an alternative.

I had thought they were a business who did well out of lockdown as I know for some their subscriptions were a way of securing food deliveries when it was hard to do so.

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I think it’s completely out of order. When I order anything from deliveroo/uber eats/ Amazon it’s always left on the doorstep and the delivery person walks away. And that’s contact I’ve instigated myself.

I would be so annoyed if someone rang my doorbell uninvited trying to sell me something. Door to door salesman / Jehovah witnesses are out of control enough in this neighbourhood in normal times, never mind during a pandemic.

I think they should banned to be honest - they shouldn’t have an implied licence to walk onto your private property to try and flog you something, but that’s another conversation.