Help us choose a venue for the February meetup


I think Two Spoons (formerly Hopscotch) or the Honor Oak may be good options - a bit more intimate than The Capitol?


Or yes “The Bird in Hand” I love a game of pool & they have a pool table!

That could be fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy to go with all, just let me know if you want me to book a space anywhere Chris xx


Hope I can make it, would be really nice to try the new Honor Oak (I have a very big fingers crossed it will be much nicer than the bad 1990s All Bar One vibe the last refurb had).


Let me know the final details and I’ll bring my lava lamp along for a bit of atmos!


Have you thought of the Perry Vale? I have been there when there has been a large party just having drinks, but perhaps Fridays may be different.


I do really like the Perry Vale. Last time I went it was more of a sit-down restaurant, but it’s changed format since then I think. Is there a bar area now?


There are some benches near the front window where non eaters seem to sit although meals can be provided there as well… The largest party I have seen drinking there without eating was about 12 or 15 people. This was a Thursday last year. I called in for a drink only as I had time to kill before meeting friends elsewhere.
Perhaps speak to Hector, part owner, or whoever is managing there now?


Let me know if you want me to contact anyone at The Perryvale, Hector seems to be no more as I’m in contact with others for Library rewards via his email.

They have been lovely, but different peeps replying from his Perryvale email, happy to forward anything on.

My work email is:


Thanks Pauline - I’ll have a bash at getting in touch with them and will let you know if I don’t get a response.


Hi everyone - have we established a time/date/place for Feb SE23 meet up? :thumbsup:


I haven’t heard back from Perry Vale and would ideally want to be at a venue that engages with the forum. Also keen to try a new/refurbed venue, and was tempted by the Honor Oak Pub - bit this is risky as their refurb may overrun.

I’d like to go back to @AllInnOne if they can accommodate us? It’s really friendly and spacious, central to Honor Oak and Forest Hill, and @FowlMouths will be there on Friday (I’d really like to try it out!).

For those who can make it, what do you think?

  • All Inn One
  • Other Venue (please comment)
  • Don’t mind / Not attending

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For anyone who has said that they want to return to @FowlMouths or those who want to pay a first visit. their residency ends on Friday and booking is essential as they have been fully booked most of the time.


Although they do serve in the bar area as well.


Thought it was Saturday.


Thank you @topofthehill :blush: Can’t believe our run is almost over - time goes so quickly!

It is Saturday @starman and as @topofthehill says even when the dining room is fully booked, there’s space in the bar for walk-ins. Apart from one particularly busy time last Sat.

Best chance are Weds & Thursday, lunch on Sat (12.30-3pm) or coming early when we open at 5.30pm.

Hope to see you there


My mistake then. Aoologies if my misled anyone.


Sounds like you wre trying to get all the Saturday reservations.


Please could you clarify that remark?


It was a joke. I should’ve added a :wink: