Helping me with my Dissertation on Gentrification/urban regeneration in SE23


To SE23 Residents,

I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to assist me with a dissertation I am currently undertaking on the subject of gentrification and urban change in the SE23 area. I am a third-year geography student at Nottingham University and I have chosen to study my local area for my dissertation. I have lived in Honor Oak all my life.

I am interested in recording any information and opinions you might have on topics that affect life in SE23 such as:
· transport links

· local amenities

· changes you have witnessed in the last 10 years; positive or negative

· housing market trends

I want to hear from people/organisations/businesses and who have been here a long time and from newcomers, to assess the positives and negatives of the urban change. What are the pull factors that are drawing people to the area or pushing them away? What trends or developments have changed the character of the area for good or ill?

I am developing a structured interview that I would be grateful if you could complete and would welcome opportunities for face to face interviews at a time to suit. I would like to interview a variety of people from different backgrounds and both fans and critics of the area. Aside from interviews, if you have any information about local history, demographics or the business environment I would love to see it as it would be most useful for my project. If you or your organisation feel that could help me in any way, I would be extremely grateful.

My contact details are below and I would love to hear from you:

Kind regards,

Adam Smith


Adam - I can see if anyone who lives in our block of flats would be interested in taking part - we have a diverse range of residents - some recent arrivals and some who have lived in the area for many years.

If you are happy I can pass on your details. I too would be happy to take part - lived in SE London for 17 years - arrived in SE23 two and a half years ago.


Happy to have a chat with you Adam.

Feel free to pop by my shop for a chat or email me



I’ve just dropped you an email - very happy to help if you’re looking for a newcomer’s perspective! We’ve got a good mix of old timers and successive waves of newbies in our street, so I’m sure you can get a range of views here.


Dear Hannah,

Thank you so much for getting back to me quickly. That would be wonderful
if you could pass on my details to anyone who you think might be
interested/ useful. Im looking for the most diverse group of people I can
find. I would also love to set up an interview with you also. However I am
heading to America for a work placement this week so all work will be put
aside until I’m back. I will contact you later on to hopefully sort out an
interview in the period from around the 10th of august to the 20th of
Thanks once again and I look forward to meeting with you.

Kind regards,

Adam Smith


Dear Pauline,

Thank you very much for your swift response. I would love to hear from you,
your business perspective would be amazing for my project, so I would love
to set up an interview. All work is on hold while I go to America for a
work placement. However i would love to sort something out in the period
when I am back, so I will email you closer to that time. look forward to
meeting you.

Kind regards,

Adam Smith


Hi Adam. I’d be interested to help, but I see you joined this site the same day you posted your request. I’m sure you’d understand people would have natural concerns about sharing information with unknown individuals or groups.

As you’re at Nottingham University, do you have an email which could be used for communications? Or would you get verified?



Thank you very much for getting in contact, I completely understand your
concerns, but I assure you that I am part of this community and have lived
on Hengrave road my whole life. My Nottingham email address is which I hope you contact me on so we can sort out
a point where we could meet!

Kind regards,

Adam Smith


No problem Adam, just drop me an email when you get back & best of luck with your work placement.


Hello Hannah,

I am now back from America and looking to get back to the interviews. Would it still be possible for me to interview you? If so could I get your direct email so that we could sort out the finer details.

Kind Regards