Heron House - offices / hotel / flats?

Next year the lease for the job centre at Heron House runs out.

The landlord that owns the whole building was in the other day with some other people & a staff member asked if he was renewing the lease & his answer was no because he’s turning it into a hotel!

The staff also heard the group talking about plans for the hotel!

I didn’t hear it personally, the staff members told me, but this won’t effect their jobs they’ll be moved elsewhere.

I think this would be brilliant for FH :slight_smile:


I used to live next to Bermondsey Square. Then they built the Bermondsey hotel and my rent went up 25%.

Travelodge ?
Seems like their kind of location.

A Travelodge / Premier Inn in that location would probably do well. Good transport links and a real shortage of local hotels for visitors.

Or would it be something like the Church St Hotel in Camberwell? Again, there might be a market for that.


Totally agree, hopefully a Travelodge, my preference lol. And somewhere close by so I don’t have to put visitors up haha.
Would do well though, and hopefully increase footfall on Dartmouth from visitors. Win win, if it happens.
Would it get the blessing from planning?

The main challenge is going to be car parking, I’d guess.

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Yup, that could be a stumbling block, but not all Travelodges (as an example) have on site parking. Probably end up making a deal with the Perry Vale car park or something, 5 min walk away, not unheard of.

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In general it depends on the building and how it is redeveloped. We were late to the game for underground parking, and only seem to have picked the ball up around the 90’s to the 00’s.
Larger old buildings of greater importance seem to have it.

I guess at the end of the day its all about cost. Digging down isn’t cheap, and depending on the use of the property will dictate if it is cost effective. Space is a premium. House next to me, spent £180k on groundworks and foundations, putting in two £250k flats. There is no way they would have made the same amount of return on 5 parking spaces added to the cost of the price of the remaining flats. If that makes sense.

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Digging holes aren’t cheap. There is the cost of digging (JCBs), removal (lorries) and landfill tax. Can put a huge cost onto the building, one which most developers aren’t happy with unless there is strong argument for it.

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With the high ground water levels round there - you dig a hole, it quickly turns into an ad-hoc lido.


Now there is an idea, basement pools for all new properties! That has to be a selling point.
Ironically the plan when the foundations were dug out from the Victorian house next to mine, shortly before it collapsed into the ground.

One small request, any chance of an in-house Nando’s ?

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There’s a small car park at the back of the building.

The impression I got from the staff from the job centre was that it will be the landlords hotel, so probably an independent hotel, but I may be wrong on that one though I hope not :slight_smile:

Can’t we get it turned into a second cinema for Forest Hill?
Out of interest where is the next nearest job centre?


Stop trying to be greedy on the cinema front Michael :joy::joy:

Not sure where the nearest job centre is beyond FH, but I’m sure I can find out!

Bring it on. Surprised we don’t have a budget hotel yet and Penge does on Croydon Road.

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When i read this i thought they were reopening the old Forest Hill Hotel Pub! I was under the assumption that the bottom part would be opened as a bar again at some point.

And named Crystal Palace… Wonder if this would be Outer Dulwich

Pauline, it would be incredibly brave for an independent to open especially of that size, but would be interesting all the same.

Well if a hotel didn’t work out it could always go the same way as Miriam Lodge and become a hostel.

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Nooooooooo Michael!