Heron House - offices / hotel / flats?



You’re right Michael - some of these shops are reopening as just more of those types of businesses, which, as you rightly say, aren’t good for the town.

I also agree that a larger anchor type store would be a help, but I wondered if the floor area is large enough - and if larger scale loading might be a problem with the new bus stop bang opposite.


The DWP plan at the moment shows the Forest Hill Job Centre being retained but the one in Catford closing (AFAICT the only one doing so locally).


The ground floor is about 2000 sqft. I’m not sure how that compares with other retail units on the high street (but average Sainsburys local is apparently 4500 sqft, and McKays site is about 3000 sqft). So it isn’t such a small unit - and breaking it up further is probably not the best thing to do.

As for loading, it does have a large car park to the rear, so it is easier to service than almost all shops in Forest Hill. But since the Job Centre is staying, it is all a bit academic.


Could the Council be persuaded to locate some admin from Catford to Forest Hill?


Maybe the staff from FH JC meant Catford & not Lewisham @Brett


They could mean both! If you check the document link from DWP, the branch is listed as Lewisham (Catford) and is in SE6.


Ah yes, that makes sense.


I spoke to another staff member from FH JC & showed her the plans for the flats & ground floor office space.

She said that the info they have been given is that Lewisham/Catford JC staff will be moving to FH JC next year SUBJECT to the FH JC lease being renewed!

She also said that the office space on the ground floor would not be big enough for them.

Keeping in mind thet when I posted originally about this the landlord told staff members he would not be renewing the lease this year, I’m thinking the landlord might want to go ahead with the flats/ground floor office space scenario :slight_smile:

Maybe the landlord can be persuaded to make the ground floor into retail space :hugs::hugs:


Life is rough south of the rail track too. We’re about to get our second - SECOND - craft beer shop. And who needs a fishmonger these days. And really… skateboards? What am I? 12? And pop ups. What good are they when they only hang around for a month.

It’s all happening on Perry Vale



There’s also plans afoot for something a bit special on D Rd in a shop that’s been closed for years (Cabin Cafe) :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

FH rocks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see that the applicant has formally withdrawn their planning application for the flats -

so does this mean that the whole building is being taken for expansion of the Job Centre?


The HR manager from the JC popped in to me a few days ago & the lease is due to be renewed in April. So we will know for definite then.


Dreams come true in Sydenham:


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