High Thyme is up for sale



Food obviously isn’t working in that space. What else?

Food was working fine for the previous guy for around 6 years, including the period when the pools were closed, and prior to that it was a vegetarian shop and cafe for absolutely donkey’s years. In my opinion, its most recent incarnation wasn’t its finest but it wouldn’t take a lot for someone with a bit of catering nouse and people skills to turn this place around.

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It barely opened. Konrad’s place was doing well but his other businesses started doing better.

Yes, I’m still in regular contact with Konrad because he does balanced nutritional meals for my son. He’s also still doing his close personal body-guarding thing and recently started a waste disposal business. I don’t know where he gets the energy. He must also be on those balanced nutritional meals!


Current food is actually not too bad. But i think it’s caught between two markets. Not quite greasy spoon and not quite foodie/hipster so unfortunately appeals to neither.

Continues: High Thyme to become sushi restaurant