Hiring a cleaner directly - due diligence required?

Hi All, I have a cleaner hiring question. I have used agencies in the past to hire a cleaner, but now would prefer to hire one on my own so I can pay them the full hourly rate. Of course I will ask for and check references, but what other documents do you need to check?

Technically I think you are responsible for checking that they are entitled to work in the UK so you may need to ask for proof of that - copy of passport or Ni card?? If they are working illegally then it is possible for you to be fined - this is why I stuck with an agency!

Agreed… although how do we know if our agency has permission to operate in the UK? :hushed:

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Agencies are getting ridiculously expensive. Apart from the ÂŁ12 to ÂŁ15 hourly rate, some are now adding things like changing bedlinen as extras over and above the quoted fee.

Really? Is that a legal requirement now? I wonder if that extends to all ocassional services like handy men, gardeners, etc…

I have no idea how far down the rabbit hole it goes but I am pretty sure is a requirement.
A previous immigration minister resigned over the matter

I’m actually getting conflicting information about that. If there are self employed then you may not have to do any document checks.

You may well be correct but then how do you know if they are self employed!?
I have my window cleaned and I haven’t checked Tony out at all…

I guess there may be a higher expectation for an immigration minister to be more mindful of the matter.

This could be a mine field. Could you imagine ensuring your Uber driver has a right to work in the UK before you get in the car?

Getting back to the topic in hand, “Uber for Cleaners” would solve this problem neatly as an Uber-like company would carry out checks as a matter of course, and would have to maintain its reputation.

I believe such apps already exist for cleaners, in fact: GetSetClean, Helpling, TaskRabbit etc.

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But do they all have to check visa requirements? I gather an employer usually has to (mine does) but Uber drivers are not employed by Uber. They are self-employed. Same with TaskRabbit (which we love)… the app enables the work but I don’t think TaskRabbit is an employer.

I recognize we are straying off the topic. Happy for another to be started if felt necessary. I guess the main question unanswered is if you hire a cleaner directly are you legally required to check for work permits?

Just to note as a landlord one is required to check the immigration status of all tenants. My Portugese tenant known to me for 5 years does cleaning and has references works directly. PM for her number


Isn’t that only the case if you are employing them, not using their services? Or what Starman said once I read the thread properly.

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Divya, as a matter of practicality rather than legal requirements, I usually take a copy of their passport or other ID and something evidencing their home address. If someone doesn’t want to provide this, it’s usually a red flag, and otherwise it has been useful in the past when something was nicked from our house on a cleaner’s last visit.

I don’t check immigration status as I am not employing them - and am careful to make that clear (if you are employing them, don’t forget you may have other obligations like providing a pension and holiday pay). I don’t ask for VAT receipts as I can’t be bothered with the paperwork.

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Thanks, thats helpful. I’ll ask for proof of their home address (which only seems fair since they will be in mine when I am away).


Hi I am new to the forum so don’t think I can PM…
Have been in SE23 for just over a year now and had some pretty terrible experiences through Handy and Handily apps. Could you send me the contact information for the cleaner you recommend?

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The apps are terrible because a good cleaner doesn’t want random jobs all over the place (most rely on public transport).

We found it difficult to get a cleaner because we initially only wanted them for 2 hours a month, which in hindsight was stupid (no wonder they flaked out on us). A good cleaner will quickly fill up their regular schedule with minimum 3 hour jobs and at least fortnightly visits to make it worth their while. You’ve got to keep in mind that they aren’t getting paid to commute everywhere so paying above £10 an hour is pretty normal too.

Sent you PM

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Does a tenant need to check that his landlord has the right to be in the UK? Oh wait, owning property in the UK is lawful from anywhere around the globe (not to mention exporting money out of the UK).

It is lawful to own property in the UK as a non- domicile, recent changes to the stamp duty charges increase costs for overseas buyers. As for exporting money it would seem straightforward as demonstrated by our Monarchy.