Hit and run - Perry Vale

Dear All,

Our car was crashed into whilst I was at work today. The car was parked outside my drive. Would be very grateful if anyone had any information, saw or heard anything.
Many thanks,

That’s annoying but at least no-one was hurt (seemingly).

Do any of your neighbours even further down the street or even any shops further down have CCTV? If you have a rough timeline they might have something as you would assume the other car or van will have some visible damage / maybe pulled over further up the road?

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Yes I don’t believe anyone was hurt. We have CCTV cameras but sadly they do not cover the end of the drive. We do not live near any shops either. Road marks indicate a large vehicle, the damage also indicates something heavy enough to leave huge dents.
Was it bin day today?

Not sure. Bin day for us is tomorrow morning but for other roads could have been today.

Yes, Tuesdays, for Como Road and around…

Very luckily someone filmed it on their dash cam! A car drove straight into our parked car and drove off. Very grateful.


That is lucky! And great for you.

The person that did it will be in trouble. Hopefully they were insured and / or your insurance will cover it anyway.

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And the police might even take an interest if the offender left the scene without any effort at leaving contact details.

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Very lucky! They are insured so we are currently going through the police now :slight_smile:


Please let us know the outcome @ZarW22. I’m keen to know that justice was served here!

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Of course, I shall send an update of an outcome.