Holly and Ivy

Hello! I’m having a small Christmas party in a couple of weeks and just wondered whether anybody in/ near Forest Hill has any Holly and Ivy spare? Perhaps somebody who’s due to have their nuisance Ivy chopped off the front of their house?

Also, while I’m at it I was also wondering where the most reasonably priced place to buy a tree is? Last year we got a 3 or 4ft one for £60 and was hoping to find something a little cheaper this time!

Festive wishes!


Hey – I’ve actually got two little balcony planters with ivy, and a little pot of an offcut. I don’t need them as my new garden has a LOT of excess ivy. Could DM you photos?

That would be amazing, thanks so much!

I have a holly in my garden - you’d be welcome to come and take some cutting from it as well if you’re still looking for holly?


That would be wonderful- thank you!

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I have just DMed you with my details :slightly_smiling_face: