Home Accessories / Blockbuster - To Let


Another day, another retail unit spotted to let in FH. This time it’s Home Accessories Extra (the big shop, once Blockbuster, next to The Capitol).

Rent: £45k pa
Premium: £400k (ouch!)

The lease looks like it is coming up for renewal. Maybe the renewal price is too much for the current occupiers?

This is one of the best spots in FH I think, so what is everyone hoping for?

P.S. Rather depressingly, my money is on Foxtons.

Waters fishmongers

Nice to know we have a “Pizza Hit” :joy::joy::joy:

But seriously, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay a £400k premium to take over a 3 year lease!


Gutted about the end of Home Accessories going tbh. Best shop in Forest Hill!


Just bought fishing line there yesterday. First place I looked and just knew they’d have it. Though why keep it behind the till was a bit weird.

What else does Forest Hill need? [2016]

Would love a marks and Spencer’s food hall! It would bring so many people in from local areas. I have to go on the bus to the Dulwich one and invariably shop in the adjacent stores. People would walk in from Kirkdale etc, bringing foot traffic past the shops on Dartmouth Road.


If we’re being ambitious this forget M&S. Let’s get a Waitrose.


Reminds me of the straw poll we did for preferred developments at Bell Green. Waitrose was the most popular supermarket amongst forum members: