Home Murals


After seeing all this street art going around, and having followed a number of artists over the years, I now find myself commissioning one of them to do a mural in my home.

Anyone else been tempted after seeing some of the work that can be done?

A friend in Peterborough had one done years ago. The seed was planted then, but has just been watered to a point of must act!



We had this done on the rear of our house a few months ago to brighten it up.


Awesome, Nathan Bowen if I am not mistaken

Doh, just noticed his name / tag at the bottom. I was being all clever then lol


Got it in one…



He also sells some awesome paintings in the same style…


Yeah I have watched his work and site for a long time now. Might be the right man for my next piece for the backdrop to my bikes lol.

He has done quite a lot of work locally, see a few bits on my commute.


Just got the first design idea through from the artist, and have to say I am super excited to get it started now.

Her work is very bold and in your face, so not to everyones taste, but for me with my love of bold colour and images, perfection. Some might be familiar with her stuff.


(image by Artista)


I recognise the signature slice of bread - from Brockley


There’s a hint of Spongebob Squarepants in the artwork.


Spongebob Pyramidilluminati?


Correct squire, they are all over the bloomin world now.

Haha something like that. I will post the finished mural when done, so you can name it.


Here is our mural by Artista it is stunning. Can’t stop looking at it, won’t be watching TV any more.


Was quite the transformation for sure. Amazing to watch happen.
Love how we managed to retain the clock lol.


Looks amazing ! I love it. Also love the clock slap bang in the middle.


Thank you. Was a brave decision but worked out in the end and Artista is amazing. We also love the clock being there. Have gotten so used to it, so having a simplified version there is perfect. Clock on toast :slight_smile: