Homemade Jam for sale!

Hello, I make a homemade jam at home. It’s strawberry and raspberry or apricot jam. One jar is for £2.90.

Let me know if interested.

Thank you

Have you asked @TheArchieParker @StDavid or Aga’s Deli to stock this as local produce. Might be good as sale or sale & return :slight_smile:

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Hi Pauline, thank you. Will try that😉

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Please do, Sale or return would probably be beneficial to all here & could probably boost your profile with your products in surrounding areas going forward.herein :+1:

BTW I really like the packaging :slight_smile:

Oh thank you. It’s also tasty, too😉

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I think you may have to be careful here. Selling any sort of preserve to the public means you may have to register with environmental health and possibly trading standards. I sort of had a look at doing this as make tons of jam and pickles but didn’t think it was worth it…


Hi, I think you are right. It’s not worth it. I just thought I will try, before I register as I have the application ready.

If it doesn’t cost anything to register, then why not? It will be a worthwhile experience anyway.

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Is it vegetarian friendly too? If so that’s another selling pitch :hugs:

You have just given me an idea, thank you😊

Registering is free I believe. I assumed you had this in place already.

All you have o do is have the registered bodies check out your kitchen facilities where you make your produce & all being well you should get your certificate :+1:

Sure I have a rules & regulations pack somewhere from years ago for home environments. if you don’t have the pack let me know & I’ll dig it out :slight_smile:

I think food hygiene & safety is what is needed & registering with environmental health. As far as I know you wouldn’t have to register with trading standards on this kind of product :+1:

But @Foresthillnick if you have pickles to spare please send them my way. We can do a swap not a sale :+1:

I do have an hygiene certificate. Thank you everyone, I have an idea, and I need to do something. I will get back here soon and with the registration.

Thank you Pauline and everyone😊

Speak to you soon😉


Isn’t all jam vegetarian - Fruit and Sugar (and the occasional aphid!)

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“Certified Aphid-Free ™”

Not if gelatin is used as a setting agent rather than pectin.

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Thank you, I was just about to explain this and see you beat me too it :hugs:, it’s an easy mistake to make but this is why I raised it as some vegetarians will be out of trying it unless it says vegetarian.

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Ok - I don’t add either but never knew people used gelatin in jam.

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