Honor Oak Community Christmas Tree - Carol singing on the 14th at 4.30pm

There is lots of love (rightly so) for the FH Chrismas Tree but I see a community Christmas tree has appeared recently outside Honor Oak station.

I don’t know who (or which group) put it up but well done to all involved!

The sign below mentions Carol singing this Saturday 14th at 4.30pm and the tree is accepting baubles :wink:


The tree cane from Shannon’s with the help from Crofton Park councillors.
I donated baubles & tinsel, but can’t make the Carol service. :blush:


I’ve got more and more love for @Shannonsgc.

A nice touch when I picked up my tree this year was that they gave the kids a small bucket of Daffodil bulbs for free! They are very excited about seeing them grow, briefly more excited than for the tree itself.

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Well very much got into the Christmas mood today.

First up a stop at @Shannonsgc to get our Christmas tree - the usual fantastic cheery service. Tree home, and kids decorated it to get us off to a flying start to the day.

Later we headed off to the Carol singing. I’m not really one for these things generally, but it was wonderful. Kids loved the choir, almost as much as the free mince pies being handed out, the odd sweet, cake, and the adults were very appreciative of teas and then mulled wine! It was a really heart warming experience I have to say! Again well done all the businesses who contributed and those who organised it and who helped.

We then took the kids to the Christmas house on Grierson Road by the station, which again is an amazing effort from local people, this time raising money for charity (in this case a young boy to assist with his efforts to walk again). The house is beautifully illuminated with so much for the kids to look at and a snow machine - brilliant.

Well done SE23!