Honor Oak Park to be Renamed


Forest Hill Society have received notification that Honor Oak Park station will change it’s name.

Over the last few years one of the primary objectives of the Forest Hill Society has been to improve spelling and grammar in the local community. So we are delighted to announce that TfL has agreed that Honor Oak Park station will be renamed Honour Oak Park.


Many years ago, I tried to get this change made on the London A-to-Z maps


checks calendar


It’s all very well them mucking about with what TfL in their infinite wisdom see as spelling mistakes in sarfeast Lundon, but what about putting the apostrophe back where it belongs in Theobald’s Grove, Higham’s Park, Carpender’s Park, Golder’s Green or Parsons’ Green?

As for Covent Garden, that’s a real misspelling and should be Convent Garden. Queens Road Peckham? Add an apostrophe and a comma, methinks.

And while it’s not a TfL responsibility, don’t get me started on Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital, which fails to follow the correct use of apostrophes as demonstrated by St James’s Park.

(Don’t worry. I’ll be feeling better around 12.01pm today…)


Well big deal. I have managed to get the council to see sense and rename David’s Road to St. David’s Road to follow on from the coffee shop. My application to have the South Circular in the heart of FH renamed Ferfect Chicken Avenue was sadly rejected.


I was going to include a section on other spelling corrections, such as Youston, Southark, Voxhall, Sydnam, etc - but it didn’t really work. All that remains was my favourite line in the entire article:

And although most residents in Honour Oak and Forest Hill welcome this decision, over in Dullitch Village people are said to be mildly irritated.


It occurred to me that the millions of pounds it would cost to rename Heathrow Airport as Heath Row Airport would be money very well spent, indeed.


In my experience people in Dullwhich Village are more then mildly irritated most of the time


I actually believed @Michael April fool last year for a couple of hours. Doh! :rofl::rofl::rofl: