Honor Oak Pub [Under new management, 2016]

This just in:

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Excellent! Sounds like it will be an improvement on the current offering.

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I thought the Honor Oak was struggling - as has been discussed on here it always seemed to be a bit behind the curve esp when compared to other local offerings. So I welcome this as technically it is my local and it has a lot of potential.

Don’t think I have ever been in a Laine Pub - does anyone know what they are like. Are they all alike or is each one different? Providing a decent range of beer is crucial to getting my custom!

Edit - Oh they do the Watson’s General Telegraph which seems to get a thumbs up all round so looking forward to this development.


Pro: new ownership
Con: 18% added to the price of a pint

I have no reservations about this news at all. Prices might increase a little bit, but the quality of the beer should be a lot better.

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Most of the decent beer around here is around £5 pint any way unless you chance lucky in a spoons and find something nice. Hell even the Hibernation IPA in the HO is a fiver so I don’t have too many reservations about the price of beer if service, atmosphere etc is good.

Which is why I tend to stick with cooking lager.

Who will be the first with a review…? :thinking:

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I have asked them on Twitter whether this means that the change in management is effective immediately.

Having desperately tried to like this pub without much success - I live just round the corner - I look forward to being able to give it a try under the new regime.

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Did you get an answer?

Same boat as you - I want this place to do well and it should given the position so I am hoping they make a success of it.

I am way for a few days but Ill pop in next week if they have taken over although they may take a while to bed in…

I too am a stones throw away but avoid like the plague as it’s just so rubbish. This news makes me happy!!!

Yes it is effective immediately, was talking to the manager at the weekend. Watsons General Telegraph is excellent and am hearing good reports about the refurbished Ladywell Tavern.

Thought the beer offer was good and the fish sharing platter very tasty, kid’s chicken and chips was gobbled up. Having not been in the Honor Oak for a little while am not sure if that is any different though. Only negative was the shock of £2.50 for a tumbler of lemonade. Perhaps that is standard and I need to get out more.


Started my annual Christmas SE23 pub crawl at the Honor Oak on Saturday afternoon. The last time I went was a year ago on the same thing - this year markedly better, friendly and better atmosphere. Didn’t eat though (or pay for the round…)


I didn’t hear back via Twitter but it’s good to know the change is effective immediately. Wishing them all the best of luck.

Good to hear this - I liked the WGT on my one visit, found the HO to be somewhat unimaginative in its food/drink offer and decor and, like others, was underwhelmed by the service.

Forgot to mention, Laine also run locally the Old Nun’s head, so they do have quite a diverse mix of pubs.

So we tried the Honor Oak again now it is under new management.
I am afraid to say they still have some work to do. They didn’t have many new beers on tap - just a couple of the Laines range which was disappointing as I was looking forward to trying something new. However the Lagunitas IPA was good but a little on the strong side - there were also some Beavertown and other tins…
We ordered a vodka and diet coke - we weren’t offered a choice of Vodka, we just got what was produced from under the counter. It was a little short on the measure (why they used the cup type measures rather than optics I do not know) and they didn’t seem to have another bottle, but as it was only a tiny bit short we let it go. Then they filled it up with diet Pepsi. Now personally I don’t drink either coke or Pepsi but my better half only really likes Coke and that is what we asked for and didn’t get - so she wasn’t happy.
Later I had a Coast to Coast and my wife asked for a sauvignon blanc - which they didn’t have. Still can’t grasp how a pub can’t have a bottle of sauvignon blanc on the premises.

So all in all I can’t say I am overly impressed - it isn’t bad just not good!. The staff were ok but didn’t seem really switched on and looked a bit anxious. The pub is still the same - same decorations and furniture and if I hadn’t known, I would not have guessed it had changed owner/management…

I really hope it is just in a transition phase and they will offer something new in the coming months

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We went in during the first few days of new management and there was a big change in the service - beyond that it’s hard to see what they can / will do immediately. The bar manager seemed to know what he was doing - if he has stayed, I am surprised at the experience @Foresthillnick had above.

Fingers crossed they’re running it as is for a few months while they gradually make some changes. The decor / layout are relatively fresh and it’s probably difficult to justify changing it. Sitting there with a mate before Christmas, we tried to work out what you could do better and the only thing we could think of was to move the bar to the back wall and partition the big, echoey main space - and that’s going to be expensive.

Not sure about moving the bar. Island bars are a distinctive London pub feature.

As for echoes in main room, reflective surfaces can be fixed quite cheaply IMO. Wall hangings, for instance.

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I popped in for a couple of drinks there yesterday and the barman (very friendly) brought up the fact Laines now owned it (unprompted). He said they are gradually changing the menu and that the whole place is going to be re-designed too…

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