Honor Oak Pub [Under new management, 2016]



Passed there last night and the place was in darkness and all the shelves were empty!

What’s happening?


Bit hard to tell from their social media.

The last thing on their Facebook page was them sharing an SE23.life post on Christmas Tree recycling. Which came with a picture of err… me on a beach (moral of the story - careful to override the user’s avatar image when you share a tweet on Facebook!)

I think I spotted elsewhere that they were closed for refurbishment but now cannot find the link, sorry.


Will probably walk past tonight. Will have a look, see if they’ve left a notice.

I don’t think they doing very well business wise. Always seemed to be almost empty every time I’ve walked past. Perhaps they’ve brought the refurb. plans forward?


They are re-opening on the 23rd Feb:


Regarding the changes:


Be interesting to see what they do with the place…
It is basically a big box so I don’t know if they will do that much in the way of major alterations but hopefully they will manage to make it a bit more welcoming.
It was doing so badly recently that a re-launch was very much needed even if just to make the point that it is under new management.
Never really understood how a pub can fail in that location - I am sure the customer base is pretty big and the demand is there but somehow it always manages to end up a failure.


I totally agree with all you have said. I went in there before xmas with a friend, it was freezing cold & the food was appalling.
Have been back twice with my husband in the new year & although warmer, the food & drink are still sub-standard. I think if they don’t do something drastic, they will close down.


The last time I was in before the change in management was when it was really cold - we kept our coats on. Combined with the empty fridges, I put this down to the old management trying to limit their outgoings.

The new management warmed it up, and the beer definitely improved along with the service. I am hoping that after the work, the pub will feel a bit nicer (putting blinds on the windows would be a start).


So, what’s the verdict with the changes to the Honor Oak? It looks like a vast improvement to me but I’ve not spent an evening there yet…


Too expensive. Go to the Nap or Blythe instead.


Well they’ve gotta pay back the cost of the living wall :wink:


Had a wonderful dinner this evening for Mothers Day.

My daughter does a few shifts here & paid for me and my friend to eat here & then the manager gave us drinks on the house as apparently she’s his best worker.

Please say hi to my Elz if you pop in (she’s half Chinese & half me so easy to spot) she’s mega friendly & my dinner was delicious :slight_smile:

She’s after a fab dinner at home tomorrow I think :joy::joy:


Also had a really good meal there yesterday, albeit not cheap. Plenty of staff on at the bar and never had to wait to get served - maybe they’ve taken heed of the oft-repeated issue raised on here!


I didn’t pay for anything yesterday so can only comment on the service and quality, which was fab.

I loved the outdoor booths with heating in the garden where you just pushed a button & the whole booth heated up :slight_smile:

Not seen that before.

I may be bias on the service yesterday as my daughter was working, hope she was polite & looked after your group Stephan.

ETA Yes I did show the manager this thread, and he’s a very lovely guy that will probably take all on board - I got on really well with him & love his plans for this place,he’s so enthusiastic which is brilliant in my book :slight_smile:


Been back a couple of times since and despite on occasion bumping into some of the local forumite riff-raff it’s been a definite improvement. Food has been mostly good albeit a little pricey (tho yesterday’s burger at lunch wasn’t​ great) but the service has been monumentally better with engaged staff who don’t seem to see customers as a distraction from their phones/chats with their mates. @Pauline I think your daughter has served us a few times and she’s been exemplary each time, a credit to the place.


Thank you, That would be my Elz working & served you. She’s saving up for uni in Sept :slight_smile:


Feel free to tell her you know me from here…

And thanks for the good review about her, much appreciated: :slight_smile:

She is my baby at the end of the day regardless of her age xx


very Poor servic and food today at lunch in the Honor Oak ,worst meal ever handed plate back told staff just shrugged it off that’s £15 please ,so won’t be goyback .


Slightly surprising to hear this. The pub manager changed over the summer and things seemed to be better. Given the quality of all the other local
Laines pubs, I still have some hope.


I didn’t like the HOP when it was first refurbished in 2014, thought the refresh was better but the service and food weren’t great as far back as the spring. I have persevered though and agree it’s a massively improved place now. The staff are nice, the environment is pleasant and it’s much less noisy with the green wall. The food is mountains better (and better value) under the new management team.

Happy customer here and would recommend people give it another try.