Horniman art quiz

A different gallery / museum does a Guardian art quiz using its own collection each week, this week it is the Horniman.


That’s great! I got 2/8 which is 25% which is exactly what you would expect if you guessed randomly at every answer, which I did.


I got 4/8. Lots of luck involved.

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4/8. 3 of the correct answers were very uneducated guesses. :grin:

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Aka statistical anomaly

  1. I knew only one of them.

I got 3/8. The first two, which I knew, and the final one which I knew had to be one of two answers and guessed right. A couple of others I’m very annoyed with myself about, having hovered over the right answer before making a last moment switch to completely the wrong ones. Bit like how I don’t pick the winners in the Grand National.

My result says …
"You are sitting under the bodhi tree. Enlightenment will come … "