Horniman Farmers Market approved for Saturday's OR Sundays

Planning application DC/19/112184 was granted this week, allowing the Farmers Market to run on Saturday or Sunday as needed:

The market currently operates for customer business between 9:00am and 1:30pm on Saturdays, with set up of market stalls precluded before 7:15 AM. However the applicant is seeking the flexibility to operate either on Saturday or Sunday. The applicant states they will
elect to operate on a Sunday if there is a ‘Bandstand Wedding’ booked at the site on a Saturday.

I can imagine it may cause some confusion if turning up to find a wedding where the farmers market ‘should’ be, so it will be interesting to see how they schedule things in the future.

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IMHO it isn’t a good location anyway, and the last couple of times I have been, it definitely is not a farmers market, mainly prepared food and drinks…


It always disappoints compared to, say, Brockley Market which has far greater choice of all sorts. It has so much potential to be brilliant given the space and location so would love it to be better.


I agree-its never really taken off.
We do buy excellent salad stuff and veg from there but thats it.
its more street food which frankly isn’t what I go to a farmers market for but fresh fruit veg, and other great locally sourced stuff

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Yes - fruit and veg is usually good. But yes, there’s quite a bit of street food - rather than ingredients. I don’t go as frequently as I used to.

If they are going for a more street food vibe, should the hours change to open/close an hour or so later.

I stopped going to the Horniman for the market, because as a market it fails to live up to it’s promise. We have permanent traders in Forest Hill which provide similar products/services every day of the week.

While it’s probably mis-marketed to call it a farmer’s market, if you want to grab something to eat and spin little ones on the tea-cups it’s quite a nice area - with good views too.

I’ll have a word with their webmaster on that. I’ve often been told the Horniman market sucked the wind out of the market in the station forecourt. The one which allowed Aga’s Deli and the Butchery to cut their teeth locally.

I’d much rather see a market back into Forest Hill. I’ve heard rumours and will keep my fingers crossed.

I would agree and hopefully if the Horniman one got renamed into Horniman Street Food etc that could work for them and they could also periodically tailor into events they have on, with an actual market in near existing shops to mutually help trade around the station and Dartmouth Road.


Looks like they are switching to Sundays on October 13th:

Looks a bit more like a farmers market today too, with at least three different stalls of veg. Here’s a colourful picture of one: