House burglary Stanstead Road

Today someone broke into our flat (ground floor) and messed everything up. They took two cameras, a tablet, a corporate pen, imitation jewelry, tobacco and alcohol. Stay safe and lock your doors properly.

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So sorry to hear that Charlotte. I suppose the Police haven’t had a chance to find any leads yet.
They took the tobacco & alcohol to celebrate did they? Hope they do get caught.

I’m sure you know, but worth keeping an eye out on gumtree for the next few days and any pawn shops for your camera and tablet.

Odd they took the alcohol - did the police say anything about that?

Good luck and I’m sorry if happened to you - horrible I’m sure.

Hi GillB and oakr!

Thanks for your support. Apparently the burglar was using gloves because the forensics didn’t find any prints. The police said it was probably a drug addict trying to finance their habit. Funnily, he/she took cheap white cooking wine and left a 7-year-old rum. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll keep an eye on pawn shops for the cameras but honestly what bothers me more are the photos and videos that I didn’t back up. Hope he/she gets really disappointed with the fake jewelry from Primark LOL.


Yes it’s always the memories of things that are stolen that hurts the most isn’t it. That happened to my daughters friend, she had her laptop stolen, that had of course all the photos on there that she had been meaning to back up or print. So sorry for your loss of them.