Houseplants - free [gone]

Hi all,

We’ve just adopted an indoor cat so are looking to “rehome” some of our houseplants (due to safety/space).

Here’s some info/pics (plant pots not included though I’m afraid):

  1. Golden Dragon Tree (Dracaena fragrans massangeana)

Around 4 feet tall and in good condition. I still have the tag that came with it, which includes some simple instructions.

  1. Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa)

A small Swiss cheese plant. Probably needs re-potting and something to hold it up now that it’s getting bigger! Bought from Pearspring in East Dulwich and I still have the label.

  1. Ivy plant (unsure of its official name… maybe a type of Devil’s ivy?)

I’m afraid I don’t have any info about this one… but it’s pretty low maintenance and has lots of new bits sprouting off it!

Just let me know if you’re interested in any/all of them. Thanks! Alice


I’d love the Ivy plant as I don’t have one of those, please.


If it’s still available, I’d love the golden dragon tree, please!

That Dracaena is gorgeous - I’ve spent the last 15 minutes trying to think where I could put it where it would get enough light - and SJM has snuck in.

I’ve enabled private messages for @alicelh and @SJM though so that you can share addresses/numbers privately.


Thanks @applespider!

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I’d love the monstera if it’s not been claimed :slight_smile:

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If any of these are still free I’d also really love one!

I think that ivy one is a silver pothos, they’re great, we have a massive one trailing from a tiny pot.


Hi @clausy, the ivy one (or silver pothos as it’s been identified!) is yours! Are you able to message me to arrange a time to collect? Sorry, new to all this so couldn’t work out how to message you! Alice

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Hi @SJM @Polly_Martin @Eva, so sorry but someone got in there really quickly and snapped these ones up!

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Thanks for your help @applespider! It is a gorgeous plant isn’t it, we’ll be sad to see it go (though the cute cat is making up for it!)

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Done. Thanks

Just remember that the cat needs watered more often than the houseplants did :wink:


Hi everyone,
Sorry to bring this thread back - but we actually have a couple more houseplants available, and as they were so popular last time I thought I’d offer them here again.

We’ll be sad to see these ones go, but it’s a case of ‘better safe than sorry’ - our lovely cat has settled well but has taken to trying to chew these two!!!

  1. Some kind of dragon tree I think? You’d be welcome to have the pot too. Just a warning that it’s quite heavy so might need a car/help to transport it.

  1. Devils ivy. It’s got really long now! But could be trimmed. Again you’re welcome to the pot.

Thanks! By the way I can’t work out how to take the ‘Gone’ out of the title, but will post again to confirm once these are gone!


Gorgeous plants! Would love the dragon tree - can I check how tall it is?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, lovely plants and generous offer! Would gladly rehome the Ivy. Will drop your a DM to see if still free. Thanks, charlie

I can’t work out how to DM, sorry! But I have a car and can come collect

Hi @Ames

@alicelh should be able to DM you and you can then respond, if there are any issues let me know and we can set-up a DM between you.



Thanks so much for your help, I just tried to privately message @Ames but it said I wasn’t able to… it’s very possible I’m doing something wrong though! If you’re able to set up the DM that would be a huge help, thank you!!!

Done- I’ve removed myself from the DM so can’t see if it is working, but should both have a green icon top right and be able to message each other privately now.

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