How do I get rid of a tiny amount of building waste?


We need to get rid of some old paint, tiles etc. that were left in the garden when we moved here. It’s about half a binful but I suspect the binmen would refuse to take our bin if they spotted it. I don’t think Lewisham accept trade waste at Landmann Way.

Is there anyone we can call up to take it away, or something? I could hire a Zipvan (£22) and take it to the tip in Bromley (£26) but it seems a lot of money for such a small amount.


City of London will collect chemicals and paint for free (3 times a year).

The other stuff find someone on Gumtree maybe or ask a neighbour if you can use their skip (maybe offer beer or money).


You’ll be amazed at what people will re-use in South London. We did a cellar clearout recently and put some stuff out ready for journey to tip and this included old paint. Hours later, some passers by asked if they could use it and sure enough they were picked up and used for a redecoration job. Must have been an eclectic colour scheme but they later told me were delighted with the results. :slight_smile: