How to get ✅ Verified



“Verified” members are those who the team have met - their identity is confirmed in real life.

Benefits for Verified Members

  • Add trustworthiness to your online profile (which lends credibility to your reviews of businesses etc)
  • Gain access to the members “Lounge” category
  • Access to the @general_politics and @Ethikos groups.
  • Add listings to the “Wanted/Offered” category
  • Get additional powers on the site:
    • Send private messages to other users
    • Recategorise and rename any topic
    • Flagging a spam post will immediately collapse it
    • Create collaborative “wiki” posts that others can edit

How to get verified

To get verified, add a profile photo (preferably showing your face), then either:

  • attend one of our regular meetups
  • see Tolga or his staff in @No41Coffee (41 Brockley Rise)

Let them know your username and they’ll verify your profile free of charge.

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@chrisbeach @anon64893700 I can now verify Ryan @comoed :slight_smile:


Good work @pauline and @comoed. I’ve given verified status


Guys, I can verify @jonfrewin he’s a customer & also created the FB group “Fab Forest Hill”.


Thanks @Pauline, I have marked @jonfrewin as verified. Welcome, Jon! Could you add a profile photo please? We ask that all verified users do so.


Thanks v much both - done.


Can Maggie be verified, she’s @magse23 :+1:


Sure thing. She’ll need a profile photo and I can sort this out for her. How about this? :wink:


Hehe nowhere near flattering enough for our @magse23


@chrisbeach use the one from her FB page :slight_smile:


Done. Cheers @Pauline


Has Stefan (Ferreira) joined yet? If he has I can verify him as one of my fav locals that does lots for our community :ok_hand:


Can’t see him on here, but will look out for him. He was really helpful on Twitter, tweeting positively about the forum to his 1,000+ following!


Cheers @chrisbeach I’ll give him a buzz or drop him an email later on :slight_smile:


I can verify @theforesttrail

Caroline if you add a profile pic @chrisbeach @anon64893700 or @thirstforwine can do this for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @Pauline all done.


I can verify @armadillo as my customer. Can you add verification @chrisbeach @anon64893700 @thirstforwine :ok_hand:

He’s also @LiseOfFH’s husband :slight_smile:


All done, cheers @Pauline

Welcome to the site, @armadillo!


Brendan @brencud if you add a pic to your profile & email me or DM me on Twitter your profile can be verified :slight_smile:

Jane @Bake-cake & James @OlympiCubs if you can do the same & message me on FB :slight_smile:


Can we verify @stefan74uk guys :slight_smile: