How to get ✅ Verified



Just verified another of my lovely shop neighbours @gulam05 Gu is the owner of “For Your Eyes Only” :+1:


I have verified @Fay, who’s involved in Volunteer Centre Lewisham. Welcome to the site, Fay :slight_smile:

We ask all verified members to add a profile picture or image to their profile. You may have noticed many of our verified members have photos of themselves as their image. We’ve found that being able to put faces to names really helps keep the forum friendly, civilised and feeling safe and inclusive.

If for any reason you’d rather not use a personal photo, please feel free to add any image you’d like to represent you (respecting all copyright laws, of course!).

To add an image, click the circle in the top right of the page and click the cog, then scroll down for instructions. Thank you.


Just verified @younglewishamproject was good chatting to you today Sarah, I can’t find your personal user name to verify your account so please let me know which one it is :slight_smile:


Thanks for verifying the project Pauline and for the really helpful chat today. I’ll chat to the guys about what we discussed and be in touch again very soon. My user name is perky!


Can i get verified retrospectively? I once gave @Pauline a freeview box for free, via se23 mums on Facebook. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to sugar mountain for a while and im desperate to read the thread about kids in cafes :slight_smile:


I can verify you if you add a profile photo, and log in to the forum via Facebook button (if your Facebook email address is the same as your email address this will prove your identity).

Alternatively pop along to our July meetup (please vote for the dates you can make).


Just verified @FHGinClub via their linked Twitter account. Thanks for joining!

To promote future paid-for events - please see instructions here.


Just verified Mr @CraftybeerSE23’s profile. Nice to meet you and I will enjoy the beers!


Just verified @starman & @Bolgerp Hope you both enjoyed your sweets today :slight_smile:


Am eating them right now. Yum.


Sorry missed this till now, but glad you did :joy::joy:


Just verified @merve local artist & new resident to SE23. It’s been so nice chatting to you over the past couple of weeks & love your enthusiasm for the area. :slight_smile:


Welcome @merve, both to and, more importantly, SE23! :slight_smile:


Get to bed Chris, it’s past 1 am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please can you verify me @Pauline? Thanks!


Just verified you Sarah, see you soon :slight_smile:


Just verified @Satchers The lovely Hilary is very active in our community. Great to have you on here Hilary x


Thank you @Pauline


Ooh is there anywhere I can get verified in HOP please? Or via my Twitter account?


You can get verified at @No41Coffee on Brockley Rise, or if you’re anywhere near Ebsworth St pop in and say hi! :slight_smile: