How to get ✅ Verified



Many thanks - really tasty.Thanks for all your information. Have a good weekend. Best wishes Jane Somers


Thanks for the add, lovely to meet you.

Let me know next time you have any Pez in!


Just verified @Emmy was nice to meet you yesterday & welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Just verified @kennyjamesmoran thanks for popping by today & welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks @Pauline much appreciated! Do people verify pets such as dogs in case they go missing or anything like that?


Many of our members have posted their cats and dogs on - as you suggested, this is helpful if they’re missing and found by one of our members.


I realise this is a bit last minute but are there potentially any mini meet-ups or chances to be verified during the Dartmouth Road event? I’m hoping Sugar Mountain will be so busy that Pauline won’t want the distraction but there might be a few members around who aren’t always?


Just verified @Ari_Yoga thanks for popping by last Friday :slight_smile:
Sorry about the delay in verifying you Ari I must have taken your user name down incorrectly so had to get some help from @ChrisBeach to find out your username :+1:


Hello Pauline,

No worries :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!

Have a nice day,



Hi Chris, I popped into no41 coffee a few weeks ago for a lovely flat white and to be verified, gave my details, but still to be verified. Reason?


Apologies @Warren69, I’ll look into this.


Hi Chris, hope you are well. Any update on this one?


I’ve not heard back recently, and have just PMed to follow up with No41.


Just verified @Fagin @Jana & @nivag great to meat you all and welcome to the forum xx


Oi @Fagin behave hahaha


Yes ma’am :pray:


Hello, when is the next opportunity to get verified? Is this meeting an admin in a coffee shop? Thanks!


Hi @JasminK - please see instructions here: How to get ✅ Verified

No need to meet an admin - just pop into Sugar Mountain, Dartmouth Road, or No 41 Coffee, Brockley Rise.


Just verified @watchman45 lovely to meet you :slight_smile:


Verified @swagger, welcome :slight_smile: