How to get ✅ Verified

Hello, when is the next opportunity to get verified? Is this meeting an admin in a coffee shop? Thanks!

Hi @JasminK - please see instructions here: How to get ✅ Verified

No need to meet an admin - just pop into Sugar Mountain, Dartmouth Road, or No 41 Coffee, Brockley Rise.


Just verified @watchman45 lovely to meet you :slight_smile:

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Verified @swagger, welcome :slight_smile:

Just verified @JohnW nice to meet you and cheers for being involved with @Michael and the FH Society :slight_smile:


Hi I was hoping to get verified (just upgraded my TV and would like to sell the old one locally). I went to Sugar Mountain yesterday, but seems its shut down. I know No41 Coffee also can do verifications - but seems they haven’t logged in ~6months ? @ChrisBeach

Hi @tomcarman - yes, unfortunately Sugar Mountain closed a few days ago. Pauline has been brilliant in verifying local people.

We’d now like to find another local business in Forest Hill willing and able to do so. If any business is interested, please let me know.

As for @No41Coffee - I believe they are still willing and able to verify accounts (Tolga, please PM if that’s not the case). Thanks.

A couple of local friends asked me if I knew how they could get verified now that Sugar Mountain has closed. Is No. 41 still verifying? That said No. 41 is not really convenient for them. Is there another way? I seem to recall people have been verified by their Twitter accounts.

In cases where a member has an established social media profile and used it to log in to I’m happy to verify them here.

Do you mean logging in using Facebook? Or Twitter?

If so, is the only alternative visiting No. 41?

Yes, people can log into this site using Facebook or Twitter and this is visible to mods.

@No41Coffee is the only local venue verifying accounts at the moment. If you can, please mention to other local venues that we are looking for an shop in Forest Hill to join @No41Coffee in verifying accounts.

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Worked for me via FB. Thanks

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Big thanks to @SGC for verifying @natalieh101, @Tatiana_Lauda, @knot_in_denial, @finnac, @Katharine_Biernacka and @Itypes at this month’s Book Club meeting :+1:

Benefits for Verified Members

  • Add trustworthiness to your online profile (which lends credibility to your reviews of businesses etc)
  • Gain access to the members “Lounge” category
  • Able to opt in to the General Politics and Ethikos categories.
  • Add listings to the “Wanted/Offered” category
  • Get additional powers on the site:
    • Send private messages to other users
    • Recategorise and rename any topic
    • Flagging a spam post will immediately collapse it
    • Create collaborative “wiki” posts that others can edit

Thanks @Sgc

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Hi, I was wondering if you have found another place local to FH for verification yet?

I’d like to get verified but it’s a bit tricky to get over to Brockley - are there any other options for verification (I don’t have twitter, and my Facebook account is severly neglected)?


Hi @DanuDanu, we haven’t found another place yet, but keen to find a shop willing to do so.

Hi @ChrisBeach I was at the meetup at the Sylvan post but didn’t add my name to the verified list on the night, is it OK to be added? Thanks

Hi @ucndave. If you can link an established social media profile to your account, I’ll mark you as verified. You can do so by logging in to using Facebook or Twitter

It seems that I can only start a new profile by putting in my facebook details - am I missing something?

If you’re using the same email address on FB/Twitter as you are here, creating a new account using one of the social network sign-up options will, I believe, link your social account to your existing forum account.